After 91 days of occupation… continued Zionist bombing of Gaza…

The Zionist enemy continued its brutal occupation against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip for the ninety-first day, bombing, assaulting, destroying and killing, targeting the remaining residential neighborhoods and homes, causing dozens of martyrs and injuries among civilians.

01/05/2024 On Friday morning, medical sources reported that the number of martyrs rose to 6 when the occupation bombed a house of the Abu Sinjar family in Al-Jeneena area of ​​central Rafah Governorate, while civil defense groups announced. They continued to extract the martyrs and injured from under the rubble of the targeted house.

As Israeli bombardment continued, local reports said several wounded people were rescued from al-Maqazi camp in the central Gaza Strip.

The center of the Gaza Strip has been under intense bombardment by Israeli occupation forces, which are seeking to penetrate into some areas such as Buraj and Magasi camps amid violent clashes with the resistance.

This morning, Israeli boats intensified their bombardment of the beaches of the central Gaza Strip, in light of violent clashes between the Palestinian resistance and occupation forces, which penetrated several areas, including Buraj and Makassi camps.

39 Palestinians were killed by bullets from occupation forces in Gaza City on Thursday, medical sources announced in a statement today.

Medical sources also said that 30 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks on Khan Younis on Thursday.

Spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, Dr. Ashraf al-Khutra reported that in the last 24 hours, the Israeli occupation forces committed 13 massacres against families in different parts of the Gaza Strip, killing 125 martyrs and injuring 318 people.

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The death toll from the Zionist occupation of Gaza since October 7 last year was 22,438 martyrs and 57,614 wounded, most of them children and women.

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