“Tajdid” condemns the assassination of al-Arouri: we refuse to turn the Lebanese government into a postman

The “Tajdid” camp said in a statement following a weekly meeting at its headquarters in Sin el-Fil, “The assassination by Israel in the southern suburbs of Beirut, targeting Saleh al-Aruri, the head of the Hamas movement, is a clear violation of Lebanese sovereignty, and an indication of Israel's tendency to be dragged into a destructive war.” ” “Lebanon cannot bear its consequences.”

While condemning the massacre, it “reaffirmed the need to protect Lebanon from the danger of war, and this can only be done under the umbrella of the Lebanese Constitution and resolutions of international law, particularly resolution 1701, implemented by all parties, and called on the government to “restore peace and an end to war. , thus only Lebanese legitimacy is obligated to extend its authority over all Lebanese lands, protect our borders, and prevent illegal Lebanese and non-Lebanese. Lebanon's arms are hijacking the national decision and dragging us down to the worst.

It urged “the international community to apply maximum pressure on Israel, curb its plans to attack Lebanon,” and called for “continuing to work to restore peace in the south and prevent any intent to war.”

“Hezbollah's position, which began to openly open up in the south on the morning of October 8, puts the burden on Lebanon to admit that it is responsible for violating international resolutions, especially if this position is consistent with the condition. Before discussing the cessation of hostilities in Gaza, the return of peace to the south, demarcation… the remaining border at the blue line. Quotas, settlement of the Sheba farms, etc. are against Lebanon's interests.

The camp insisted that “the Lebanese government and its institutions are the decision-makers” and refused to “become a postman”. Rejected “Lebanon as a platform for exchanging messages and suffering from a plan to expand regional influence that violates sovereignty, state and institutions”.

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