More than 29 thousand martyrs in Gaza… and health disaster alert…

Today, Monday (February 19), 2024, the Zionist occupation against the Gaza Strip entered its 136th day, in light of the continuation of massacres and crimes against civilians and displaced Palestinians, according to the latest figures from the Palestinian Ministry of Health. , 29,092 martyrs and 69,028 wounded since October 7. /October.

The Ministry of Health pointed out that the Israeli occupation “committed 9 massacres against the families of 107 martyrs and 145 wounded in the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours”. “There are many victims under the rubble and on the roads, preventing ambulances and civil defense teams from reaching them,” he pointed out.

In this case, the Gaza Ministry of Health has confirmed that 25 medical staff and 136 patients at the Nasser Medical Complex are without electricity, without water, without food, without oxygen, unable to treat difficult diseases, and the Israeli occupation forces. Still Nasser is turning the medical complex into a kind of military barracks, putting the lives of patients and medical staff at risk.

He pointed out that efforts by the World Health Organization continue to evacuate the remaining patients to other hospitals for treatment, revealing that the Israeli occupation is still adamant about bringing medical and humanitarian aid into the Nasser Medical Complex.

In recent days, violent clashes erupted near a hospital hit by Israeli occupation forces, and the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip reported power cuts and generators stopped, while the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said, “The pace of deterioration of the situation in Gaza is unprecedented.” . He explained: “3 out of every 4 people in Gaza drink contaminated water sources, and infectious diseases are on the rise.”

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This is; Aggressive aircraft carried out numerous raids on areas east of Deir al-Bala, before shelling the area. Israeli strikes also targeted Al-Jala Street in Gaza City.

For its part, the civil defense in Gaza appealed to the international community, the United Nations and the League of Arab States to provide relief to thousands of displaced civilians in the Rafah area of ​​the southern Gaza Strip, many of whom have been affected by the epidemic. Diseases under very poor housing conditions. Civil Defense added: “Displaced civilians are suffering in the Rafah area, where they live amid cold weather, lack of food and fear of Israeli bombardment,” warning that the Israeli occupation is committing humanitarian crimes in Rafah. The area is home to hundreds of thousands of displaced people.

He pointed out that his team cannot respond to citizens' calls and requests for help. This threatens the fallout of thousands of civilian casualties in light of the destruction of most civil defense capabilities by the Israeli occupation and the lack of hospitals and institutions providing services and health services.

For its part, the Gaza Municipality revealed that the Israeli occupation destroyed all 9 sewage plants in whole or in part, creating a large and dangerous health and environmental disaster in the city as a result of sewage leaking into the streets, beaches and rainwater collection ponds. .

He added: “The damage and destruction involved the destruction of around 30,000 meters of sewerage networks, 5,000 meters of stormwater drainage networks and thousands of manholes and stormwater drainage channels, as well as major and severe damage to Sheikh Ratwan Pond. The encroachment destroyed the pool wall.” Generators, transformers and pond water drainage lines.”

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The Gaza Municipality explained: “The occupation destroyed sewage facilities, blocked access to fuel and cut off electricity, causing large amounts of wastewater to spill onto the beach, streets and rainwater collection ponds, creating a large and dangerous environmental and health disaster. city.”

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