Nasrallah approves… “Victory to Hezbollah”!

“The Lebanon Debate”

As part of US efforts to defuse tensions along the border between Lebanon and Israel, US Ambassador to Beirut Amos Hagstein made a lightning visit to Beirut yesterday after a visit to Tel Aviv. The visit comes amid a strong escalation by Israel towards Lebanon. His second visit since the start of the war in Gaza.

In this context, journalist and political writer Qasim Kasir points out, “Ideas and proposals drawn up by the US ambassador are currently being discussed, which should be withdrawn from the occupied points and deal with point B1 and Qajar village files.”

In an interview with Lebanon Debate, analyst Kassir said, “The Sheba farms could be included in the proposals in exchange for the withdrawal of Hezbollah fighters from the south of Litani, but the plan will not be implemented until there is a ceasefire in Gaza.”

“Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah expressed his approval of the plan without going into details in his last speech, which was a victory for Hezbollah, but there was no discussion or specific agreement in light of the continuation of the war,” he confirms. “Initiative is very important,” he insists. It could be implemented in parallel with the Palestinian file.”

As for the appearance of Hezbollah's Secretary General on Sunday, “Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, in addition to the regional developments in Yemen and the targeting of Hezbollah members and the party's vision for the next phase, he will observe. “

At the end of his speech, Kassir denied that “a full-scale war has broken out so far,” but he indicated that the war on the southern front will not rest and will rage as long as the war in the Gaza Strip continues. .”

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