Fear for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease

The holiday season has not gone quietly for the Lebanese. In addition to the economic crisis that has plagued the country for years, the country has been swept by a new health wave of another kind. Still, the Lebanese refuse to celebrate. Celebrate with friends and family… The people of this country… It is clear that the country has suffered a lot and the winds of adversity against them refuse to give in or allow it.

When we talk about a health crisis, some people may be surprised to talk about or talk about this topic. Aren't we in winter? Is it normal for people to have colds and other symptoms? But no… if you enter any home or tourist hospital, you understand what we mean, because there is no family that has not been affected by the flu, corona or any other virus, even during the holidays. Difficult for many.

Samira (pseudonym) caught a cold in mid-December. Her condition worsened and she had to be hospitalized during the Christmas holidays. She doesn't have enough money for insurance and everyone knows the level of insurance. She says: “When they admitted me to the emergency room, they immediately put me on oxygen and gave me $650. Before being admitted, they tested me for Corona and H1N1, but nothing was found. After discussing and responding to the hospital, we paid $500. , and we're insured, we don't know how much the warranty will cover us!”

The truth is that this is not just the case of Samira, the pseudonym we told about a real case, but the case of many Lebanese who have been forced to go to the hospital after their health worsened. Neither they nor the majority of them have insurance but rely on insurance, what do you know about it? Warranty status! In light of this scenario, many are asking: Could we just be experiencing a natural virus or influenza?!

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“Yes, what is happening is normal because many people in Lebanon are suffering from influenza, corona or other things.” This is confirmed by Dr. George Jovelikian, head of the Pulmonary Diseases and Intensive Care Unit at St. George's Hospital, who said in Al-Nashra that “this year's wave is big, really big, and the reason is that the impact of influenza “was a result of the mix, the distance, etc. in the past years, but today things are back to normal. are back.” Recalling the H1N1 outbreak in 2009 and how it was a huge disaster at the time, Jovelikian noted, “Today the coronavirus is back and spreading so fast that if we stop it, we can stop H1N1 from killing people.”

Juvelikian explains, “People are immune to Covid, but people with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases are afraid,” pointing out, “Influenza or H1N1 infection can lead to lung inflammation and the patient is admitted to the hospital, and from here people get a flu vaccine.” should.” It is very important not to take antibiotics randomly, and in such cases those with symptoms should consult a doctor and reduce the combination, because it is clear that the season is big. .”

In conclusion, this year's flu wave is huge, and it's unfortunate that it comes in light of the crisis that is ravaging the country!

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