Kate Middleton: How did a conspiracy theory about her appearance spread on social media?

image source, the sun

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British newspaper The Sun published a video clip showing Princess Kate Middleton with Prince William at a shop near Windsor Castle.

  • author, Mariana Spring
  • stock, BBC Counter Disinformation Correspondent

“That can't be Kate! That's her doppelganger!”

The first video I saw on social media this morning was that of Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales.

The video – published by British newspaper The Sun last Monday – shows an amateur investigator promoting a false conspiracy theory by claiming that the last photo of the Princess of Wales at a farm shop near Windsor is the last photo of a woman. Like Middleton.

There's no evidence to support this speculation, but it's the latest example of the false conspiracy theories circulating on social media about Kate Middleton's health.

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