National News Agency – received Bouhabib Nasser, with Miss Lebanon: he was an excellent diplomat in defending Lebanon during the pageant, and we will give him a special passport issued by the Ministry.

NNA – Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Abdullah Bouhabib welcomes Minister of Tourism Walid Nasser to the caretaker government along with Miss Lebanon Yasmina Zaytoun who won the title of Miss Asia and Oceania. The title of the first runner-up for Miss World, in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of LBC Television, Sheikh Pierre Al-Tahar, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hani Al-Shamidli and the Ministry of Senior Ambassadors.
Minister Bou Habib said, “While participating in the Miss World pageant, Zaytoun was considered an excellent diplomat in defending Lebanon, especially since we have a legitimate reason to continue.” He told him: “Since you are our ambassador. The world and we are proud of you, we want to give you a special passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate your work.” And your movement abroad,” inviting her to “participate in a diplomatic training course.”

In turn, Tourism Minister Walid Nasser opined that “Yasmina set new standards for the Miss World organizers and jury with her unique culture and proved that a beauty queen is not only in her outward appearance but also in her culture”.

Zaytoun Minister Bou Habib thanked them for their initiative, stressing the honor of being able to “communicate the voice of Lebanon to the whole world and show its beautiful image”.

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