First-ever details of Al-Aruri's assassination investigations… using computers!

“Spot Shot”

Shaker al-Barjawi, head of the Arab Movement, affirmed that “there is no dispute between the US administration and the Zionist establishment. Rather, it is a dispute with the Israeli right currently in power and reflects Israeli society.”

In an interview with “Spot Shot” within the “Point of View” program, Al-Barjawi said: “Everyone is in crisis, and from Israel to Hamas, to the United States and the Arab countries, they are looking for a solution and a solution. The Americans are trying to give some gains to each side, so they come with a solution. Satisfied, we have not yet moved to a settlement.” The third phase of the war.

He pointed out, “Time is running out, American pressure is increasing, soon the war will end, and all that has been achieved so far is the determination of the Palestinians, thanks to the internal pressure of Israel on the issue of prisoners. Especially.”

He explained, “The current carnage is the best proof that the Americans do not want a full-scale war, so they are responding with carnage. In the case of Sheikh Saleh al-Aruri's assassination, this happened. Security gaps, especially Sheikh al-Aruri's mobility, made it easy to track and monitor him.” The moment a computer belonging to a Hamas financial officer was opened, missiles were fired from the fighter jet.”

Al-Barjawi said, “There is a certain geographical knowledge about this place, something that can only be achieved with field assistance, in addition to Israel's immense technological progress, and in both intelligence conflicts. The Lebanese and Israeli sides are the same.”

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