Analysts: Washington shows its teeth with Netanyahu to regain initiative

Despite agreement on the goals of the war in Gaza, the US and Israel differ on how to manage the war, which has led to the question of “Gaza…what's next?” Emphasized by the guests of the show. Washington is unlikely to take the initiative on this issue in the near future.

Professor of Political Science at An-Najah National University, Dr. Hassan Ayoob believes the US is trying to operationally define the goals of the war in Gaza, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls his position one of necessity. Elimination of Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

On the relationship between Washington and Tel Aviv, “Gaza… What's Next?” Ayub said in his speech in the episode of the show (3/29/2024). The damage has been done as America is asking big questions about whether Israel is a strategic asset for them.

He expected the consequences of tensions between the two sides to be far-reaching, explaining that for this reason President Joe Biden's administration used carrots and sticks with Netanyahu. On the one hand, it gave him the carrot to continue. Introducing the Palestinian Authority into the Gaza Strip through a normalization program and humanitarian portal within a US regional program.

On the other hand, the U.S. has bared its teeth a little bit to regain its initiative, while continuing to support Israel, Ayoub says, pointing out that Netanyahu's standoff with successive U.S. administrations has stemmed from his stance. On the Palestinians, he was elected on the basis that he would end the Oslo Accords and never want to acknowledge the possibility of establishing an independent Palestinian state.

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Netanyahu — who remains a professor of political science at An-Najah National University — is bolstering his allies inside the US Congress, but his hyperbole in challenging the Biden administration has turned even lawmakers who are friends of Israel against him. As he refused, the Prime Minister could not get an opportunity to address the US Congress this time.


Al Jazeera Research Center Senior Researcher Dr. Liqa Makki, in his view, stressed that there is no problem with the basic and natural relationship between the US and Israel, and what happened was just a misunderstanding between them. They agree that the goal of the war in Gaza is to destroy the Palestinian resistance.

According to Maki, there is a misunderstanding between Washington and Tel Aviv because Netanyahu is leading the war in a way that causes moral embarrassment to US allies, in addition to the destruction that the occupation army has inflicted on Gaza. The Palestinian resistance, which showed a lot of strength and was able to repulse the Israeli attacks.

A senior researcher at the Al Jazeera Research Center refers to the Rafah issue, which – in his opinion – created a dispute between Netanyahu and US President Biden's administration, and says that Israel wants to invade, but the US rejects it.

The latest UN calls for a ceasefire in Gaza. After the Security Council resolution, Washington made a proposal that Israeli operations in Rafah be limited to a specific strike on the leaders of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Rafah and not a comprehensive attack. Netanyahu then decided to send his delegation directly to Washington, preventing him from going, suggesting that Washington may take the initiative in the future regarding the management of the war in Gaza.

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Speaking about the post-war period, Maki said that with the creation of a Palestinian government, its appointed leader, economist Muhammad Mustafa, would administer Gaza, provide reconstruction and distribute aid, and have a police and army. , with international and perhaps Arab support, Maki added.

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