Eye on the Enemy – Israeli Media: Hezbollah Harms Israeli Air Force…

Israeli writer and commentator on military affairs, Amir Bookbot, tried on the Israeli “Wala” in light of the major shock to the enemy organization as a result of the particular operation, which shot down an Israeli Hermes 450 drone by Islamist resistance. ” The website, understating the enormity of the feat, said, “Hezbollah has been trying for months to shoot down an air force plane in Lebanese airspace. If you try hard enough, you will eventually succeed.” But he added, “Yesterday Hezbollah succeeded in launching a surface-to-air missile and hit a manned Israeli ZIG aircraft from a distance.” “This is a kind of attempt to undermine the superiority of the Air Force, which gathers information about the activities of Hezbollah and Iran in the region.

He asked: “Why should the Israeli military respond with force to the shooting down of a drone? Because it is part of the crystallization of the boundaries of the war defined in the northern theater, it is not the air force's freedom of action. It is only the launching of anti-armor missiles, missiles and suicide drones at the Israeli front line.

The Israeli writer continued, “Since 2006, there has been a continuous war between Hezbollah and the Israeli army. The Shiite organization will do everything to reduce or harm the freedom of action of the Israeli Air Force. The unwritten laws were very clear and sharp. For Hezbollah's Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah (al-Sayed), he was the next He seeks to change that before the day.

He added, “Severe critics of the government's policy claim that Hezbollah has sowed destruction on the Israeli side and created a kind of security belt 'within Israeli territory'. In several operations, the organization succeeded in removing tens of thousands of civilians (settlers) from Kiryat Shmona and settlements.” Close to the fence without crossing the boundary line.”

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The writer said: “The Israeli and Lebanese parties mostly maintain the framework of a limited war, and they occasionally break the scope of reactions. But the security reality is far from a state of uncontrolled escalation. It is controlled by both. Despite the smell of explosives in the air, on the sidelines.” “.

He felt that the threat of Air Force drones harming the air, as happened in 2018 on the Syrian border after 34 years of peace, could not be ignored, and added, “Even stopping Hezbollah at this rate cannot send residents back to their homes…fire. So the next question: Current How will the war end? By escalation of the conflict through a ceasefire subject to a political settlement? Scope of operation, volume of fire and type of targets? Or degenerate into a full-scale war involving large-scale ground maneuvers?

The writer on the Walla website said: “While the political level is waiting for a situation where the political level decides on an unwilling war, the Israeli army must avoid being drawn into a war, but rather be. It will choose the right time and surprise on its part with a broad preemptive strike, including the centers of gravity in the state of Lebanon. side. have all the means to launch a powerful offensive such as air force and intelligence. This will initiate ground maneuvers. despite the heavy price the Israeli frontline will pay.”

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