Best free apps to help you schedule appointments

Scheduling apps help organize meetings, work, and study time effectively, and everyone in different groups can benefit from meeting scheduling applications for work or study. College and university students can benefit from these apps to organize meetings with a work group, an employer can use them to organize meetings with classmates to work together on academic projects, or to prepare for exams together..

1application Calendly:

Gallantly It is one of the most popular meeting scheduling apps and is easy to use. This app supports five languages ​​English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and French. When you start using it, you will be asked to create an account using it. Your Google or Microsoft account..

Other users can book calls and appointments with you through a link Gallantly You can change the weekly work hours you can meet with others by setting up work days and times and availability for your account..

You can book appointments with others by selecting a template from the pre-installed templates Gallantly It allows you to easily enter meeting information, then you can save the template, copy the meeting link, and send it to the people you want to meet with..

application Gallantly Available for iPhone users on the App Store and Android users on the Google Store for free.

2Google Calendar app:

Google Calendar (Google Calendar) It is one of the most popular scheduling apps and is widely used to schedule school assignments, work assignments, and meetings..

Schedule meetings directly through the app, with the ability to add a link to a meeting in the app Google Meet Or Zoom or any other video conferencing application.

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To use Google Calendar to schedule meetings, you must first sign in to your Google Account, then create a new event and connect it to the app Google Meet If you use it for meetings and plan to use other apps, add the meeting link to your calendar so others can easily join..

The Google Calendar app comes pre-installed on most Android phones and is also available for free on the Google Store and the App Store.

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