American Fiction stars one of the Oscar nominees for Best Picture

A special tape for its content, its direction and the presence of its team in front of the camera, entered the Oscar nominations in its 96th session, the results of which will be announced this March tenth. Director Kurt Jefferson, based on a script he completed with Percival Everett, tells of an African-American family living a comfortable life, being of the privileged class, allowing all but one of his children to earn a Ph.D. Monk's – Geoffrey Wright – wrote and practiced until he became a celebrity.

American Fiction is the title of the film that was released in US theaters on December 22, 2023. It centers on author Monk causing a stir in literary circles, but his new novel faces many obstacles, and he is told that you need a popular audience to get good sales, which he does. He is asked to write an idea that appeals to the general public, and after several suggestions, for $750,000. Instead it was decided to expand it into a novel. The author's condition for the publication was that he should remove his real name from the book and sign it with a pseudonym, as he considered it too inferior. At first it was sad.

This decline was due in part to the deterioration of the monk's psychological state, when he met his sister in a cafe after a period of absence, they began to talk, and then she suddenly suffered a health problem and died shortly after her arrival. In the hospital, and his brother Cliff – Sterling K. Brown – one of the gay men, and his mother suffers from Alzheimer's disease, and until she dies and her body is cremated and the ashes scattered on the beach, she has a constant fear of going out and walking the streets aimlessly.

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His emotional state was not good, after his first girlfriend left him, he got involved with Coraline – Erica Alexander, and his mood made her very tired, and he did not succeed in softening her mind, so she left him for the first time. Follow a girl and ask her for forgiveness, then follow her back.

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