The Knicks beat the Timberwolves for their 18th straight win

New York (AFP) – The New York Knicks defeated the visiting Western Conference leaders Minnesota Timberwolves 112-106 on Monday in the first game of 2024 in the American Professional Basketball League, thanks to their new British player OG Anunoby. , acted.

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Anunoby (26), who was transferred from the Toronto Raptors on Saturday, scored 17 points and 6 rebounds to help him achieve his 18th victory, while his teammate Julius Randle was the best scorer in the tournament (39 points and 9 rebounds).

On the other hand, the Timberwolves suffered their eighth loss, bringing them close to the Oklahoma City Thunder, who have won 22 of 24.

The London-born Briton, who won the league title with the Raptors in 2019 and had the most steals (128) last season, seems to have adapted quickly to his new team after spending more than six seasons with his former team. Association.

Anunoby said, “Even during the competition they (my teammates) tell me, 'Go here, do this.' They definitely help me a lot, and I'm grateful for that.”

And, “Everything's changed. New words. I'm trying to figure it all out as much as I can.”

And, “Every day I'll get better at everything. I'll learn how to play, the terminology and the steps. I'll learn every day.”

Anunoby's strong performance, which arrived at the hotel and began practice on Sunday, impressed coach Tom Thibodeau, who said, “I think the first day (performance) was impressive because he was prepared and understood how things can happen quickly.”

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He added, “He played smart and well with his teammates. He played well defensively. He fought and moved without the ball. He made good shots and played well, so it's a very good start.”

Thibodeau did his best to keep things simple for his rookie, averaging 11.8 points, 1.6 assists and 1.2 steals (steals) per game.

The coach added, “You don't want him to overdo things. Give him a simple game and we can add to it day by day. If you're lost, play.”

The Milwaukee Bucks lost their chance to catch up with the Western Conference leaders Boston Celtics after falling to the Indiana Pacers 113-122.

It was the ninth defeat for a team hoping to reach 25 wins compared to 26 for the leaders, with the visitors reaching their 18th win in sixth.

In other games, the Toronto Raptors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 124-121 and the Denver Nuggets defeated the Charlotte Hornets 111-93.

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