Withdrawal from Sheba Farms… on the condition that Lebanon accepts the implementation of Resolution “1701”.

An increase in the West Bank…infiltration and a failed infiltration of a settlement

The Israeli army killed 4 Palestinians in the West Bank, including 3 during their incursion into the West Bank in an escalation that has seen attacks, arrests, vandalism, vandalism and armed clashes.

Three Palestinians launched an attack on the “Adora” settlement, west of Hebron, and infiltrated it in a massively planned operation. After they opened fire on the security forces and injured one, the army force intervened and managed to kill them.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced on Saturday that the relatives of Ismail Ahmed Abu Jahisha (19 years old), Muhammad Arafat Abu Jahisha (15 years old) and Udai Ismail Abu Jahisha (16 years old) were killed by stray bullets. “Adora” settlement, which is built on Palestinian civilian lands. Near the town of Idna, west of Hebron.

During an Israeli bulldozer attack on al-Fara camp south of Tubas in the West Bank today Saturday (AFP).

On the other hand, the Israeli army claimed to have killed 3 Palestinian militants on Friday night when it foiled an infiltration attempt into the “Adora” settlement, while a soldier was moderately injured during a clash with them near the settlement fence. Israeli media confirmed that a reserve soldier guarding the area investigated the matter after receiving signals from the fence surrounding the settlement's industrial zone, and while examining a hole made by gunmen in the fence, he was wounded by gunfire. On his way back, he informed the other troops who rushed to the spot. During a disruptive operation in the fence area near the infiltration area, army soldiers clashed with militants who did not succeed in penetrating the settlement and were trapped in the area and killed by Israeli army fire. They were found to be in possession of an M16 rifle, an axe, knives and a Molotov cocktail.

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Israeli vehicles entered the Al-Fara camp near Dubas on Saturday (Reuters).

General Yehuda Fuchs, the commander of the army's central region, said on Saturday: “A major attack has been foiled. Let's learn lessons from this incident and at the same time we will continue to work.

Colonel Yishai Roselio, commander of the South Bank Regional Brigade, said: “We have recently conducted several training exercises for our forces and equipment in preparation for this moment, and the moment of truth the terrorists faced were skilled, qualified and superior.” The status quo, anyone who wants to target us will be dealt with like this.

Immediately, the Israeli army cordoned off the entrances to Hebron's towns and camps, closed off the town of Idna, west of Hebron, with an iron gate and began arrests there.

Operation Adora came after the Israeli army killed Khaled Ahmad Zubaydi (18 years old) in the town of Zeida, north of Dulkarm.

Palestinians attend the funeral of Khalid al-Zubaidi, 19, in Zeita town near Dulkarm today Saturday (AFP).

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that Zubaidi died as a result of a heavy attack by the occupying forces in Zeita, and two others were injured as a result of clashes with the occupying forces in Zeita.

Palestinians attend the funeral of Khalid al-Zubaidi, 19, in Zeita town near Dulkarm today Saturday (AFP).

The Israeli army attacked Hebron, Dulkarm, Bethlehem, Jericho, Qalqilya and Nablus on Saturday.

Occupation forces arrested at least 15 Palestinians, the Prisoners' Affairs Commission said.

The killing of the four youths brings the number of victims in the West Bank since October 7 to 6,347, among them extremist settlers killed in the attacks.

The level of violence perpetrated by settlers in the West Bank has increased since October.

The far-right minister of national security, Itamar Ben Gvir, distributes weapons to volunteers in Ashkelon last October (AP).

A statement from the PLO-affiliated National Office for Land Security and Anti-Immigration said on Saturday, “The colonizers are taking advantage of the situation of brutal occupation against the Gaza Strip, provoking the situation in more than one governorate and region. West Bank.” He added, “These settlers have become more organized and dangerous after the Israeli occupation government decided to arm them as they joined the occupation army in large numbers to fight in the Gaza Strip.”

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The report accused the Israeli government of building armed groups for the settlers under various names, including “emergency groups” and “Qatari security – Hakmar”. The report added: “Since these settlers joined the ranks of the military and paramilitary organizations in the West Bank, evidence of their involvement in acts of violence, threats and vandalism of Palestinian property began to pile up. They wore military uniforms and began demolishing. Houses, vandalizing infrastructure, Bulldoze and vandalize fields, build roads, and demolish water wells, and prevent citizens from accessing their fields and lands.”

The Israeli organization Yesh Din (There Is a Law) said in its latest report that acts of violence perpetrated by settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank peaked last year, while the United Nations also recorded 1,225 attacks against its role. Palestinians in the same year.

According to data from the Israeli “B'Tselem” Foundation, the inhabitants of 16 Bedouin and pastoral villages in Area C were forced to leave since the beginning of the occupation, due to violence and threats practiced by the colonists, sometimes protecting them. Players, and other times share with them.

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