'Ultra-advanced traffic light in Japan'? #Fact check

Technological development and scientific progress in Japan have fueled the appetite of misinformation people on social media platforms to spread misinformation about strange technologies that are said to already exist. Among the posts, a video was said to show a light wall appearing and disappearing to regulate traffic between pedestrians and cars. But the video is a parody posted in Ukraine and has nothing to do with Japan.

The video shows a wall of light appearing and disappearing, a digital meter regulating traffic between cars and pedestrians on a street. In the linked comments, this video depicts traffic lights in Japan.

The publication comes within a series of publications in recent years about the great scientific progress that has been dubbed “planet” Japan on Arab social media pages.

Many users of Arabic-language social networking sites tend to believe everything that is said about the amazing inventions in Japan, and most of what is said in this regard are exaggerations or myth-like accounts. Fire trucks Climb the pillars to avoid traffic, or Robots They are harvesting paddy.

Real traffic light video
Traffic signal video also comes into this context.

Searching for stills from streaming video… Channel On YouTube, it deals with the affairs of the Ukrainian city.

This video titled “Design for Pedestrian Traffic in the City of Chernihiv” was published in 2018, located in Northern Ukraine.

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