Two Hezbollah members were killed in an Israeli airstrike in southern Lebanon

Two Hezbollah fighters were killed Sunday in an Israeli drone attack on the car they were traveling in in southern Lebanon, security sources said.

Security sources said their chain of command was not disclosed after the latest Israeli offensive in southern Lebanon near the border with Israel, targeting dozens of Hezbollah fighters in the region.

Ambulances rushed to the scene near a Lebanese army checkpoint, residents and security sources said, adding that the identity of those targeted by the attack was unclear.

The National News Agency reported that an Israeli drone carried out an airstrike at around 1:30pm today (Sunday), targeting a four-wheeler at the Kafra-Serbin junction in Bint Jbeil district, near a military checkpoint, and fired a guided missile at it. This led to its destruction and burning, as well as the burning of a nearby “Rapid” car.

Media reports indicated that a key leader in Hizbullah, who was the commander of Hizbullah's central wing, was targeted, but that he survived and his comrade was killed. Other reports indicated that the deceased was a VIP member of the party. Security unit.

For its part, Hezbollah's al-Manar channel said “a martyr and 6 others were wounded in an attack targeting a car in Kafra,” adding that Hezbollah had returned “a martyr, Mujahid, Fadl Ali Salman Shah (Isa) ), from the city of Nabati.” “Al-Foqa.”

Nasrallah's hometown

The move came a day after a similar operation targeting a car in al-Bazoriya city, the hometown of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, left four people dead, but the party did not issue a statement of condolence. One of them, Dr. Engineer Ali Hotraj, who held a liaison position between the party and the Hamas movement.

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On Saturday evening, the specialized Lebanese digital civil society mourned in a statement, “the happy martyr businessman Muhammad Bakir Diab, who was martyred as a result of an attack on his car by the Israeli enemy.”

Diab is the general manager of Degamza, chairman of MD Holding Company, member of the Digital Transformation and Governance Network (DTGN) in Lebanon, member of the Board of Directors of the Professional Information Association (PCA), the statement said. A member of the Lebanese Informatics and Communications Union (ALMA), a member of the General Commission of the Arab Internet and Communication Union (ARISPA), in addition he is a supporter of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in Lebanon and around the world. Participant in the United Nations World Summit Awards, and Lebanese Technical Delegates and Delegates to International Forums, Conferences and Exhibitions.

During the funeral of Hezbollah member Ali Hodraj, who was killed when his car was targeted in the town of Al-Basouriya in southern Lebanon (National Agency).

The car was targeted in Kafra after Hezbollah announced it had targeted Baranid forces with missile weapons on Sunday afternoon, then turned around in the afternoon to target the Ruwaisad al-Qarn base and the Hadab al-Bastan base in Sheba Farms. A Burkhan missile, according to separate reports released by the “Islamic Resistance”.

Bombing continued in several southern towns on Sunday, and the town of Markaba was targeted by more than five military strikes, which the National News Agency reported later revealed targeted five houses without causing any casualties.

Israeli aircraft carried out raids on the outskirts of the town of Rmeish in the central sector, and early morning bombing targeted the outskirts of the towns of Aitaroun, Maroun al-Ras and Yaroun, and also covered the Marjayoun plain.

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Al-Watania reported that Israeli soldiers “fired machine guns in the air to intimidate laborers working in Balosani's orchards.”


700 functions

It has been waged by Hezbollah against Israel since October 8

Meanwhile, Hezbollah MP Hussain Haj Hasan asserted during a political meeting organized by the party's public relations in Bekaa that “since October 8, 2023, anti-Islam has carried out more than 700 operations, including major operations.” Actions will continue and will not stop, and no matter related to Lebanon can be discussed before ending the aggression against Gaza.

He added: “We say to those who doubt the feasibility of these measures: you know that they are harmful to the enemy with many threats, a large number of representatives and pressure to stop these measures for 106 days. For the enemy.”

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