Thousands of Israelis protest in front of Knesset demanding Netanyahu's exit

Thousands of Israelis protested in front of the Knesset on Tuesday, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of “betraying” public trust. Pressure is mounting on Netanyahu after opponents of his government and the families of hostages in Gaza found common cause. Families of the hostages say they have taken to the streets every night this week to try to “bring them home”.

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Thousands of Israelis protested, including many relatives of the hostages GazaAgain on Tuesday evening, he demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of “betraying” public trust.

Einav Zangawker shouted at Netanyahu on the radio: “You are campaigning against me, against the families of the hostages. You have turned against us. A traitor to your people, your voters, the State of Israel. .”

Zangawkar's son, Madan, has been detained since the October 7 Hamas attack that sparked the war in the Gaza Strip between the Hebrew government and the movement.

As demonstrators gathered for the fourth evening in a row on Saturday, the woman added in front of the Israeli parliament: “You are responsible for October 7th all the way. You are blocking the hostage deal, you are not. Leave us with a choice, you leave your position, we will pursue you, we will. We will not let you go.

Later, former Labor Prime Minister Ehud Barak called for “elections now”, saying “Rafa's entry (by the army, as promised by the government) will happen within a few weeks, but the elimination of Hamas. Will not happen) months before, waiting… So, the hostages are back in the coffin. will come,” he said, adding that “it is possible to crush Hamas, even if a ceasefire is required for the release of the hostages.”

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After weeks of demonstrations every Saturday in Tel Aviv, the anti-government camp and families of hostages have combined their efforts to express their anger before the Knesset since Sunday.

Some of them spend the night in tents pitched at the site.

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