“They should be punished.” Brazil national team coach comment game on Dani Alves and Robinho's punishment

The Brazil national football team has broken its silence on the sentencing cases of its former internationals Dani Alves and Robinho, expressing its solidarity with both victims, following criticism.

Celezo's new coach, Torival Jnr (61), said yesterday Friday – ahead of England tonight at Wembley Stadium: “This is a difficult moment for us. First of all, I think of the families, especially the victims. We are concerned about these issues that happen every day in our country and around the world. ” .

Robinho, a former star of England's Manchester City and Spain's Real Madrid, spent his first night in jail following his arrest 10 years ago after failing to appeal against a nine-year sentence for gang-rape in Italy. .

Alves, a former star of Barcelona in Spain and Paris Saint-Germain in France, is still in prison. He will remain at least until Monday after missing a deadline to pay the one million euro bail set by the Spanish judiciary for temporary release after he was accused of raping a young woman in a nightclub in Barcelona in December 2022.

Dorival commented on the case of Robinho, who coached twice at Santos in 2010 and 2015: “If he is proven to have committed a crime, he should be punished. Even if it pains me to say it about who I am with. There was an exceptional relationship.”

In turn, Danilo, who took over as captain in the absence of Casemiro and Marquinhos, called on the sports authorities to “increase awareness among young players” without commenting directly on the two cases.

In a statement, the local sports federation and the national team's technical committee expressed their solidarity “with the victims of these two heinous crimes committed by two former players”.

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Federation president Ednaldo Rodríguez said in a “masculine” society, men “must fight all forms of violence, not just sexual violence.”

The Brazilian national team has been heavily criticized for its silence, particularly by its players Ari Borges and Kerulin.

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva criticized the Spanish court's decision to temporarily release Alves, arguing that “the money Dani Alves has and the money he can borrow cannot cover the crime against a woman he raped”.

Five-time world champions Seliso play two friendlies against England tonight and Spain in Madrid next Tuesday.

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