The weather will remain unsettled till Tuesday morning

The Department of Meteorological Assessments in Lebanon, in the evening weather bulletin, expects the impact of the low pressure to decrease and gradually decrease until Monday afternoon, and the weather will remain unstable until Tuesday morning, with relatively stable temperatures. Higher, then becoming more volatile by Wednesday afternoon.

He pointed out that average temperatures for January range from 11 to 19 degrees in Beirut, 09 to 17 degrees in Tripoli and 3 to 13 degrees in Jahle.

Expected Weather in Lebanon:

Monday: Partly cloudy at times, no significant change in temperature, fog forming in the mountains. Widespread rain in the mornings, sometimes heavy. Winds are active, especially in the south and north, before noon, snow falls at altitudes of 1,600 meters and above. Wide gaps are expected during the day, and snow will form on the mountain passes at night, starting at an altitude of 1,500 meters.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy with moderate to high clouds, temperatures will rise, which will turn within their seasonal proportions, and scattered to intermittent light rain. There is a risk of snow formation on mountain passes at night from an altitude of 1,500 meters.

Wednesday: Limited rise in temperature with partly cloudy skies, and morning mist over the mountains, especially in northern areas, intensifying in the evening, with light snow at 1,800 meters and above, widespread light rain. .

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