The US House of Representatives has approved a bill to ban TikTok

The US House of Representatives on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a bill that would force TikTok to split from its Chinese owner under penalty of being banned in the US.

352 delegates voted in favor of the proposed legislation and 65 delegates voted against, in a rare moment of unanimity between the Democratic and Republican parties.

The law is the biggest threat to date and has gained popularity around the world at a time when it has raised concerns among governments and security officials about Chinese ownership and subordination to the Communist Party in Beijing.

The bill's fate in the Senate remains unknown, as senior figures resisted taking such drastic action against an app with about 170 million subscribers in the United States.

According to the White House, President Joe Biden must sign the bill, officially called “Protecting Americans from Restricted Foreign Uses.”

The move, which has gained momentum over the past few days, would force ByteDance, which owns TikTok, to sell its subsidiary under penalties that could ban the app from the Apple and Google app stores in the US.

Biden in use

According to the Wall Street Journal, Washington's renewed campaign on TikTok has come as a surprise to the company, which TikTok executives promised when Biden joined the application last month as part of a campaign for a second term.

China warned on Wednesday that the move would “inevitably backfire on the United States,” and Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, “Although the United States has never found evidence that TikTok threatens U.S. national security, it has not stopped suppressing it (TikTag. ).” “, consider this “bullying behavior”.

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Republican lawmakers approved the bill in an unusual challenge to former US President Donald Trump.

In a shift from his previous stance, former President Donald Trump said earlier on Monday that he opposed the ban, particularly because it would strengthen the meta-group that owns Instagram and Facebook, saying it was the “enemy of the people.”

TikTok vehemently denies any ties to the Chinese government, and the company said it has restructured the company to keep US users' data inside the country.

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