The US equation is “security for Israel and leverage for Iran”…and two ominous messages for Lebanon

Part two reached the track. A major expansion that no one wants, or a return to understandings based on the intersection of interests. This comes in light of the widening conflict between Iran and its allies on the one hand and the US on the other. These conflicts have come as a result of multiple channels and negotiations between the two sides, from Geneva to the Sultanate of Oman. Lebanon does not diverge from these paths. No, it's in her heart. The most important evidence of two imposed paths lies in its territory, between Israeli military expansion or political and diplomatic negotiations leading to a settlement and establishing stability. Any solution is inevitably linked to the continuation of the war on the Gaza Strip, which the Iranians want to increase all kinds of pressure to stop.

American withdrawal
The United States has not given up hope of an understanding with Iran. Therefore, the US's expected response to attacks targeting its bases and soldiers, if negotiations are renewed following this response, will be local, without engaging in a major war. These negotiations with Iran about regulating the overall situation in the region are inseparable from negotiations about completing the US exit from the Middle East. There is a debate within the United States about the need for returning troops, especially in many places within the United States, especially in the Middle East, especially since it is an area of ​​constant renewed flames.

Practically all US vacuums in the region or vacuums created by the Americans after the war on Iraq are exploited by Iran to fill and replace them. So it is no coincidence that the targeting of American soldiers in Jordan followed discussions within the United States about withdrawing from Syria and withdrawal negotiations with the Iraqi government.
This strike in Jordan may require a local American response, but it imposes new pressures to accelerate the withdrawal of the Americans, which, if it happens, will contribute to increasing the level of Iranian influence, but on the condition that guarantees are provided to Israel and the elimination of any threats it poses.

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Two threatening letters
In this context, it is important to achieve confidence that Americans are dealing with a powerful party capable of imposing equations, engaging in understandings and intersections. This is what Iran is doing in terms of ways to fill the vacuum with allies and fighters. Not far from this American approach, there are rumors that Washington also wants an understanding with the strong party in Lebanon, with whom the sea borders were defined, and the route was repeated on the land borders and stability was established, because it is still better. A relationship with God's enemies who lack a unified vision. …any understanding or intersection would lead to a fundamental equation that would provide Israel with security and stability, similar to the US equation in the region, even if it gave Iran more leverage. But on the condition that Israel be regulated in return for being secure and stable.

Therefore, Lebanon finds itself at the center of these negotiations, especially since most of the international delegations that come to Beirut are concerned with communicating, conveying messages or negotiating with the party. , or other representatives who communicated more threatening and threatening messages.
According to reports, two messages recently came through the two Arab parties, which contained Israeli threats to expand military operations in the south if a political agreement was not reached. The alleged political agreement – according to news reports – not only restores stability and unifies borders, but also stipulates the disarmament of Hezbollah's heavy weapons, missile sites and precision and long-range missiles south of the Litani River. In the absence of any military arms movement or in the future, centers, headquarters, observation towers and missile stores should be rebuilt. The Israelis are seeking to achieve some of these points through widespread destruction operations in the south, or further assassination operations against party members.

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