The news is that the first aid ship is starting to land off the coast of Gaza

Today, Friday, the first aid ship to reach the Gaza Strip began disembarking from the port of Larnaca in Cyprus via the sea route.

A spokesman for the World Central Kitchen confirmed that around 200 tonnes of aid had begun to unload after the Open Arms vessel docked near a makeshift vessel off the coast of Gaza.

The cargo included rice, flour, pulses and canned vegetables, an Al Jazeera reporter said. They will be unloaded in small boats and brought ashore under the supervision of international agencies.

Small boats unloaded the ship's cargo and began to ferry it toward the shores of Gaza City, the Anadolu news agency reported, citing eyewitnesses.

Witnesses said the ship was parked in front of a new ship being built on the coast of Al-Baidar area, southwest of the city, hundreds of meters off the coast of Gaza.

Jose Andres, owner of World Center Kitchen, confirmed that the ship had reached the shores of Gaza at Site “X” and released a video clip showing the ship and its cargo.

For its part, Israel's military said in a statement that its forces had been stationed for security in the area where the aid would be unloaded, noting that the ship had undergone a full security check.

A second aid ship is being prepared in the Cypriot port of Larnaca, scheduled to carry 300 tons of food supplies, and no date has been set for its departure to Gaza.

In light of severe food shortages, particularly in the northern Gaza Strip, which have led to widespread famine, the United States recently announced its intention to base a ship off the coast of Gaza via two sea lanes from Cyprus. According to international organizations.

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The United Nations, the United States and other Western countries have confirmed that transporting aid to Gaza by sea is no substitute for delivery through land ports.

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