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Iranian newspapers published today, Saturday, March 2, 2024, top the news of the parliamentary elections and yesterday's Assembly of Experts, highlighting the voter turnout and the message it sent to the international community. Organizations that have tried for months to limit public participation have highlighted the Nabulsi massacre in the Iranian newspaper Gaza.

Strength of the Republic in Iran

In this context, Jam Jam newspaper wrote: “By the end of 2022, the West had invested heavily in anti-religious movements in Iran. The developments of the past year are the point of maximum conflict between the opponents of the discourse. The Islamic Revolution in Iran and the Resistance Against the Islamic Republic and the People.” After the believers and enemies in this country failed in this matter, they tried to take revenge in the name of republic and democracy in Iran. People are not coming to the polls. However, the observations of journalists from different countries of the world show a wide enthusiastic turnout in the elections. The Iranian people have suffered another defeat in front of their enemies. Not only in the Iranian capital (Tehran). But in other parts of the country…

The truth is that in countries that claim to have democracy, voting is purely formal and informal, and in other countries it is used to disrupt peace and stability, as sensible countries and the world know. They (the enlightened nations) know very well how to recognize this approach adopted by the enemies of mankind. In the years following the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Islamic Republic of Iran faced various conspiracies such as war, economic sanctions, and threats, but the relationship between speech and the Iranian people never ceased.

The simultaneous holding of the Islamic Council elections in Iran and the war in Gaza clearly shows that the Iranian people understand the nature of the Zionist enemy and the western supporters of this regime and their false slogans about a distorted and fake democracy. The challenge is a huge and long-term investment in recent elections with massive public participation. The West has done since last year to change the Islamic character of Iran and create unrest in the country, the US, the Zionist occupation regime and other players who wanted to defeat the Iranians in the elections, the strategies, methods and behavior of the enemy and their actual They see themselves once again in front of the maturity and awareness of people who have understood behind the veil of face conversation. This victory is not only for the Iranian nation, but for all those who love Iran, the Islamic Revolution and its discourse in the region and the world”.

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The plan to boycott the election failed

In turn, the Hamshahri newspaper wrote: “The biggest campaign to boycott the elections in the last 45 years has failed, and the “unprecedented” plan to boycott the elections has been designed by external enemies and their followers since last year. It failed, with the participation of about 25 million people, and the opposition media failed, for the sake of the revolution, the participation. Less than 20% attempted.

He continued: “More than 40% of the people participated in the harsh conditions of the economic blockade, despite the threats of the enemy, it was completely safe and smooth. The political marathon ended in the election of 290 representatives to the Islamic Council and 88 representatives to the leadership group of experts after a week of trying candidates.” Enticing Voters… In the days leading up to March 1, election excitement ran high across the country, and opinion polls indicated a tight contest between voter lists in Tehran. On Friday, the Iranian people once again proved their will in the elections, with 59,000 voters in 31 governorates voting for the pride and glory of Islamic Iran. As the polls got to the polls on Friday, it became clear to the world that the voters, who came to show that they are still committed to participating in all areas of the Islamic revolution, did not participate in the widespread propaganda of the enemies in all contexts and the people of the election.

According to Hamshahri: “Prominent political figures, various political factions and trends were among the other points that attracted media attention during the March 1 elections. Their votes in Hussainiya Jamaran… According to field reports from polling stations across the country, for the first time the presence of eligible young voters was very evident at the polling stations; About 3.5 million first-time voters cast their ballots this election season as soon as they became eligible to vote, according to figures reported by officials, an issue also noted by local and international media. Therefore, a special branch was established in Tehran for first-time voters, and Reza Morad Sahre, the Minister of Education, attended this branch and spoke to the voters.

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A series of genocides!

In the context of following the Zionist crimes in Gaza, “Kutz” newspaper wrote: “The picture of the death, migration and killing of innocent Palestinian people at the hands of the Zionists for many years is a natural scene for us, confused people, immersed in space, the impotence and silence of states and international organizations. “Cyber, real. The Israeli killing machine in space creates a new disaster every day, leaving people speechless. “

He continued: “In the last Gaza war, the crimes of the occupation reached their peak and made them even more scandalous. But on Thursday, the 146th day of the war, indifference was a betrayal of humanity. Innocents were killed. The only crime the Palestinian citizens had was standing in line to get… some food, A real carnage before the eyes of the civilized world in the twenty-first century, as the media revealed the dimensions of the tragedy on Thursday, “Nabulsi” square in Gaza City witnessed the incident, and tanks targeted hundreds of people queuing for aid around trailers containing humanitarian aid, more than 150 martyrs and about An incident where a thousand people were injured.

He concluded: “The aggressors, under the pressure of world public opinion in the recent incident, are trying to justify this killing by manipulating public opinion and creating a false scene. : “Hundreds of Palestinians approached our soldiers while seeking help in northern Gaza. Our forces opened fire on them because they sensed danger! After this situation, US President Joe Biden also supported this story. Whatever happened to the occupiers, he said in a phone call with the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Al Thani, He said he was worried about the consequences of the incident on the possible collapse of cease-fire talks in Gaza.The US president's “defense” minister accidentally revealed another display of Zionist insanity on Thursday in proving the innocence of his aggressor ally, during a congressional hearing that more than 25,000 women and children were killed in October 7 years ago. Lloyd Austin agreed, because of Israeli attacks on Gaza, and of course, Austin said that the US has sent about 21,000 precision-guided munitions to “Israel” since the war on Gaza began.

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