Schaff Speaks of “Devastating Consequences” for Lebanon!

Independent Member of Parliament Kazan Skaf said today on Sunday, “The recent visit to Beirut by the ambassador of the US president, Amos Hagstein, comes in an Israeli situation that indicates that there is a readiness for a military operation, and what the Israelis are looking for is to ensure security. The settlers in northern Israel, and if their security is not secured diplomatically and politically, This will be done through military means, and this is what Hochstein was pointing out when he told us that the unity of the squares does not mean unity. Ceasefires, ie don't wait for a Gaza ceasefire to have a ceasefire in the southern end, which is what Hezbollah wants.

In an interview with “Al-Anba Al-Quwaitiyyah” he pointed out, “Lebanon must take the lesson that we cannot sit idly by Hochstein's threats, and even if there is a cease-fire, Gaza, you must decide, because there is an Israeli determination to take action.” The military and we as Americans are trying to prevent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from drifting toward war. We hope that a ceasefire will be reached in Gaza. We hope that the US-Iranian talks will not stop, especially as the US enters the phase of presidential elections, which may lead to a reduction in the intensity of its intervention to prevent an all-out war.”

Schaff believed that “all indications are that Israel is seeking war, and that clashes between Hezbollah and Israel and violations of the terms of engagement will lead to dangerous and destructive results for Lebanon.” This was revealed in “Maariv” newspaper. “Secondly, and more alarmingly, Israelis are more prepared to accept the losses of the coming war, the flood of Operation Al-Aqsa, including 71% of Israelis supporting a full-scale war with Hezbollah.

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“It is a big mistake for the Lebanese government to treat the possibility of an escalation of war lightly, as well as to treat international diplomats, including Hochstein, who are trying to prevent the escalation of the war. He said: From here, the Lebanese government must move international mediators to implement the decision.” 1701″.

Regarding Hezbollah's position that it refuses to stop its military operations before ending the war on Gaza, the independent representative “should stop playing with fire in the south, because the situation is on the verge of real danger, and this is true as the US President communicated to the ambassador in Beirut.”

He added, “Things are likely to break out in an uncalculated moment of madness by the madman Netanyahu after the terms of engagement fall through. I believe Israel's doctrine is to have diplomacy on the table when there is a field. Fire, and Lebanon's and Hezbollah's doctrine is to negotiate in the cold, which means keeping diplomacy on the table.” This is what Hezbollah is seeking after the cease-fire in Gaza and on the southern front.

Informed of Hockstein's meeting with several opposition representatives and their rejection of any solution that would allow Hezbollah to make political gains in exchange for a deal, Schaff pointed out, “What the opposition wants is the Gaza issue. Nor should we take advantage of the war on the southern border to impose a president in Lebanon, because that would be tantamount to perpetuating the current division in the country. Historically, we all know that the presidency is still Lebanon's job today. Regionally and internationally, the role of Parliament was limited to electing a figurehead. Today the picture is different in the Council due to the negative balance, so no team can impose the President, and “countries supporting both teams cannot impose the President.

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He expressed hope that the five-member committee would be the witness and moral guarantee of the presidential election session and that the outcome of these consultations would reach a third name to contest the presidential election along with other established names. The third name gets more than 86 votes, we go to consensus, if it doesn't get 86, we go to consensus.” Election with existing candidates and in this case small constituencies will play the biggest role in deciding the winner. And after the first session the House will be divided into three or more divisions, Then one or more candidates are forced to drop out in favor of others, and there is always white smoke in the open session and subsequent sessions until there is a president elected. So, the initiative I put forward is very comprehensive and sets restrictions on the consultation process to reach those who are qualified to run for the presidency.

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