Preparations of the Israeli army to counter attacks by Hezbollah on the Mount Meron base

Israeli military officials today addressed the heightened state of alert in the Israeli military in the face of Hezbollah attacks on the military after it attacked infrastructure at an airbase in Mount Meron in northern Israel from Lebanon, the Hebrew “Walla” website reported. Israeli Air Force infrastructure in the region.

According to the Wala website, one of the officials said, “We cannot move the mountain, on the other hand, we cannot increase security in the area to protect military operations. There are restrictions.” The Israeli Air Force has beefed up security on the mountain, which has proven effective, officials said. They said, “Yesterday there was no significant damage and no players were injured as a result of an operation. Renewed preparedness to counter the threat of anti-tank missiles with proper thinking and direct readiness.”

On the other hand, the Israeli Air Force redoubled its efforts to find Hezbollah cells firing rockets from a specific area in southern Lebanon.

Preparations include increased intelligence gathering and cooperation with the Northern Command. An Air Force official explained: “Safety is not 100%. The important thing is that no soldier was injured and the Israeli army's performance was not damaged.” He continued: “If they continue to fire, they will continue to suffer damage to critical infrastructure.”

The official continued: “This attack cannot be taken lightly, so I assume he has agreed to exact a price from the other side. He has hit a target on the other side, and if they continue to fire, they will continue to be attacked. Critical infrastructure.”

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