Our attacks on Iraq and Syria are defensive

Washington to Security Council: Our attacks on Iraq and Syria are self-defensive

On Monday, the UN The Security Council, at Russia's request, held a session to consider US strikes in Iraq and Syria in response to an attack on a US base in Jordan, which Washington blamed on pro-Iranian groups.

Robert Wood, the US deputy representative to the Security Council, said the US strikes in Iraq and Syria were self-defense, indicating that Washington does not want additional conflict in the region and is actively working to contain the conflict in Gaza.

Although he insisted that Washington was not seeking to enter into a conflict with Iran, he assumed that the attacks on Yemen were in response to the Houthis targeting ships in the Red Sea.

“We will exercise our right to self-defense wherever we want, and we will continue to hold Iran and its weapons responsible for destabilizing the region,” he vowed.

In addition, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peace Affairs Rosemary DeCarlo warned of the worsening situation and escalation of conflict in the Middle East.

UN The official said during his briefing before the Security Council: “Since October 2023, we have seen almost daily incidents in the region, including about 165 attacks on US facilities in Syria and Iraq. Nations,” also refers to an attack in Jordan that led to the deaths of three American soldiers.

DiCarlo also touched on the Red Sea attacks, their impact on international trade, and the US and UK-backed strikes on Houthi bases in Yemen, backed by six additional countries. In this regard, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on parties to “step back from the brink and take into account the human and economic costs and the potential for regional conflict to erupt.” He also referred to Guterres' call for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for humanitarian reasons and warned of a worsening humanitarian crisis in the region.

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For his part, the Russian representative to the Security Council, Vasily Nebenzia, warned that the US attacks on Syria and Iraq confirm the hostile nature of US policy in the Middle East, while the attacks on Yemen represent a threat. International Peace and Security.

He also accused the US of trying to escalate the conflict in the Middle East. In this context, he opined that Washington is “not making efforts to solve the region's problems, but trying to contain them,” calling on the international community to condemn the actions of the United States and its allies in the region.

Ammar Benjamin, Permanent Representative of Algeria to the United Nations, UN During a session of the Security Council, he said that attacks targeting Iraq and Syria “are worsening the fragile situation in the Middle East, which could lead to further escalation in the region”.

Bin Jama'ah added: “We reaffirm our continued support for the sovereignty and security of both regions of Iraq and Syria. We firmly believe that force has never been and will never be the basis for peace and stability” to bridge gaps, resolve differences and promote common prosperity.

The Algerian representative emphasized that “real stability in the Middle East requires a comprehensive treatment of the root causes of instability,” and continued: “We must invest in long-term solutions to prevent further escalation in the region. The Palestinian issue forms the cornerstone of these efforts.

The Algerian representative considered that escalation in the Middle East had “become a current reality,” adding that Algeria had “sounded the alarm on several occasions about the dangers of regionally expanding conflict, and unfortunately the matter has developed and become a matter of reality.”

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In turn, the British representative to the Security Council, Barbara Woodward, expressed her country's support for the United States' right to defend itself after three of its soldiers were killed in Jordan. .

As for Chinese representative Song Jun, he said the US attacks on Syria and Iraq are a serious violation of the independence and sovereignty of the two countries, adding that US military actions increase tensions and widen the conflict in the Middle East.

The United States last Friday carried out strikes on 85 targets in four locations in Syria and three in Iraq, targeting the “Iranian Revolutionary Guard” and armed groups loyal to Iran, according to Washington, which has vowed more strikes in retaliation. A January attack on a US base in Jordan near the Syria-Iraq border on January 28 killed three US soldiers.

Syria, Iraq and Iran condemned the US strikes, which killed at least 45 people, and Iran's ambassador to the United Nations, Amir Seyed Irani, said in a UN statement released on Monday. Baseless US accusations.

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