Oh Lebanese… “Time Palms” in your homes!

“The Lebanon Debate”

Farid Zainoon, head of the Union of Workers and Distributors in the Gas and Distribution Sector, and Walid Fayyad, Minister of Maintenance of Energy, called for the need to update the decision issued in 2015 regarding the replacement of domestic gas cylinders. The phenomenon of worn-out gas bottles was spread by Syrians migrating to Lebanese markets.

The call raised questions about the presence of “time bombs” in homes, as they contain worn-out bottles that need to be replaced.

In this context, Jennoun Lebanon explained to the debate, “The decision originally included four million vials, but a few months ago, the need for light removed many vials that had been kept in homes and warehouses for more than 30 years. At the present time, it has been renovated and one million bottles have been added, bringing in 5 million new bottles.

He added, “As the decision approaches in light of the replacement of 4.5 million gas bottles, I hope that Minister Fayyad will update this decision, considering that displaced Syrians have brought approximately one and a half million worn-out bottles to Lebanon. These bottles are scattered in the markets.”

He pointed out, “In light of the new security situation and the ongoing war on the southern front, many citizens stockpiled gas, which revealed the presence of many old and worn-out bottles in markets and homes.”

He emphasized that the objective behind his statement today is to maintain public safety as there is a risk of one of these bottles exploding in any citizen's home.

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During the field trip, we noticed that there was a fair amount of worn-out bottles in the market, so we requested the Energy Minister to update this decision.

How can a citizen convert an old bottle into a new one? Zainoon replied: “Any citizen can contact a distributor or any plumber shop and replace the old bottle with a new one, but today the quantities are very limited,” stressing, “The replacement of the bottle is included in the price given by the Ministry of Energy. , so the citizens do not pay anything.” Additional allowance.

In conclusion, Zainoon confirmed that “so far there has been no communication from the Ministry of Energy in response to his report”. , and the risks of not updating the result.

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