Netanyahu: Hamas demands signal Israel's defeat


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that responding to the current demands of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) would mean Israel's failure, and that he would not accept anyone asking him not to take action in Rafah. “To lose the war.”

Netanyahu reiterated his soldiers' insistence that the war continue until the end, and that the war continues, as well as military pressure until the Hamas forces are eliminated, including a ground incursion into Rafah if necessary. What did he say.

Netanyahu said everyone was saying the war should continue until victory, adding that “Hamas still has a quarter of its strength, and we have to destroy its infrastructure.”

Netanyahu explained that Israel is working with US President Joe Biden, saying, “We appreciate his support, but we do not agree with the US administration on all issues.”

The Israeli prime minister revealed that he had sent negotiators to the Egyptian capital Cairo to hold ceasefire talks at the request of President Biden, but they had not concluded other talks because Hamas' demands were “fantasy”.

In addition to the demands regarding Al-Aqsa Mosque, Netanyahu explained that the demands include ending the war, not harming the position of Hamas and releasing what he described as “thousands of murderers” from Israeli prisons.

He added, “We will not succumb to any pressure or international dictates because we are committed to eradicating evil,” he said. He agreed to carry out what he called “an operation to free those kidnapped a few days ago, regardless of the risk.”

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Netanyahu also said that reaching an agreement with the Palestinians would be “only through direct negotiations between the two sides and without preconditions.”

This comes in light of continued aggression against Israel Gaza strip For the 134th day, the city is considered the last refuge for displaced people, with international and international warnings, in light of threats of aggression to occupy the city of Rafah, which has martyred and injured tens of thousands of civilians. into the strip.

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