National News Agency – Al Tiyar: Netanyahu sure to enter Rafah… and growing “open” feud with Biden Qatar's talks are progressing in response to 9 massacres in Gaza.

NNA – Al-Diyar newspaper wrote: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be a clear attempt to throw off the recently intensive negotiation process in Doha to reach a peace in Gaza before Eid al-Fitr. Confirm that Rafa's invasion will happen and last for several weeks. Although Washington has reiterated that it will not support any major military operation in Rafah without a workable plan to guarantee the care of the 1.5 million refugees, “whatever is proven about the disagreement between Netanyahu and the US president, sources close to the file consider that Joe Biden has an implicit understanding between them over the Rafah invasion.” There is understanding.

Sources say Biden is pushing to portray himself as concerned about the lives of the hundreds of thousands of displaced people there in light of his dwindling chances in the US presidential elections, and would prefer an invasion after another ceasefire. Many of the prisoners said Netanyahu seemed determined to end the war as quickly as possible and was not interested in a ceasefire that would delay it, “and it became clear that he does not care about the fate of the prisoners and considers them collateral casualties of the war.”

Feud between Netanyahu and Biden?!!!

Yesterday, Sunday, Netanyahu suggested that Israel's allies have a weak memory of the October 7 Hamas attack and said Israel would continue its offensive in the Gaza Strip despite mounting international pressure.

At the start of a meeting of his government, Netanyahu asked “our friends in the international community, 'Is your memory weak?' Have you so soon forgotten October 7th, the worst massacre against Jews since the Holocaust? At this rate, are you ready to deprive Israel of its right to defend itself against the monsters of Hamas? “Israel” will continue its assault on the Gaza Strip, including the city of Rafah, he reiterated, while it withdraws from the war zones. Evacuate the public.

On the other hand, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirmed that Washington would not support any major military operation without a workable plan to guarantee the safety of the 1.5 million refugees in Rafah, Gaza Strip.

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Kirby explained that the United States is concerned about some Israeli military operations and how they are launched, adding that his country must ensure that civilians are protected. He pointed out that Washington has seen no evidence of Hamas stealing humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Red Cross confirmed yesterday that aid trucks had been monitoring the arrival of aid trucks in the northern Gaza Strip for nearly four months, but little aid had arrived.

9 massacres in 24 hours

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that in the last 24 hours the Israeli enemy army had carried out 9 new massacres, killing 92 martyrs and injuring 130 others.

The ministry indicated that the death toll as a result of the Israeli war in the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023 was 31,645 martyrs and 73,676 wounded, with many victims still under the rubble and on the roads, and unable to be reached by ambulances and civil defense teams.

Ceasefire negotiations

In light of the massacres, cease-fire talks are moving forward, especially as Hamas considers a permanent ceasefire in a second phase, even as Netanyahu's threats to invade Rafah threaten to topple it. Israel's war council is thought to have met Sunday-Monday night to discuss the powers of a negotiating team scheduled to travel to Doha on Monday to conclude negotiations on a transfer agreement and cease-fire.

Sources familiar with the file said, “Despite Netanyahu's efforts, things are still progressing,” pointing to Al-Tiyar, adding that “US pressure is best to start a cease-fire for weeks with Eid al-Fitr. Netanyahu is also under great internal pressure, either from the prisoners' families or from his exhausted army.” “It is likely that he will reluctantly pursue a truce.”

“Despite all previous “Israeli” threats, the Lebanese ceasefire will be withdrawn,” the sources suggested, adding, “How to deal with this front will not happen before Rafah's invasion…and if the invasion does happen, there will be no expanded operation.” Towards Lebanon.

“Quintet” moves again

Domestically, an international “group of five” concerned with Lebanese affairs begins a tour this week of several Lebanese officials, including parliament speaker Nabih Berri, head of the Free Patriotic Movement, M.P. Gibran Bassil, head of the Lebanese Forces party. , Samir Kiegiya, the leader of the Progressive Party, former socialist Walid Jumblatt, and Maronite patriarch Bechara al-Rahi. The panel, which will meet Monday with Perry and Al-Rahi, reportedly has no vision or initiative to resolve the presidential crisis, but will push toward a form of internal dialogue, regardless of its form. Towards the choice of the third candidate.

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Without being able to achieve any significant breach, the team's movement will be limited to formalities. However, diplomatic sources told Al-Diyar, “The move by ambassadors of major countries to remove the presidential trophy from the impasse is a violation that must be framed because the international community refuses to surrender to a long-term presidential vacancy.”

Branchi: They disagree on everything and agree against me

In this regard, the presidential candidate, leader of the Maratha Movement, Sulaiman Pranji, stressed the need for the presidential candidate to know the history of political and national work and his positions, and not to drop names just for the purpose. Since 2005, my name has been put forward for the post of President, so neither Shiite nominated me, rather he supported my candidacy, and it is not permissible not to take it into account. Fifty one votes, that is 15 Christian representatives voted for me and they are in favor. As for my position with the protest, it is not new, it does not change according to the situation or right. Everyone knows that I could have become president in 2016, but I did not accept it, I am not sorry. Then President François Hollande, along with former President Michel Aoun, said, “I will not come to the council with my hand.”

In response to two Christian movements rejecting his election, he said: “The problem is that I exist. They disagree on everything and agree against me, and the fundamental question is: Are they afraid of a president who wins? “President Aoun came with a parliamentary majority, but he has ruled for six years without consensus,” Frangieh pointed out during his meeting with the Editors' Syndicate group.

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Basil: There is no reason why Christian leaders should not meet

For his part, Gebron Basil, MP, leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, has continued to press Bkerke to play a role, hoping to do so by countering what he says is a “process of marginalization of Christians” through government practices. So he could force the Christian leaders, especially Branji, to put forward a third candidate. During a party conference yesterday, he renewed his request to the patriarch al-Rahi to “believe in the glory of Lebanon and unite Christian political leaders”, deeming “there is no reason why we should not meet”. He addressed these leaders: “The time is not for bidding, nor for the animosity shown by some. There are no elections tomorrow, and no one can cancel anyone in the first place – this is an illusion!” There is a thinker who was there from the seventies to the eighties and the nineties. without any profit to him.”

The field is on fire…

For the South, the front was not quiet. Hezbollah announced that it targeted a group of enemy soldiers opposite the town of Wazzani and another group near the Mitat barracks. The opposition also targeted the al-Marj base and intelligence equipment at the al-Asi base.

On the other hand, an “Israeli” mission carried out an air strike, targeting the town of Aida al-Shaab with a guided missile. This coincided with a hostile artillery barrage that reached the jungle and plains between the towns of Aidarun and Maroon al-Ras. Enemy fighter jets launched an attack targeting a house in Aidarun city and launched two air-to-surface missiles in its direction, leading to its destruction. Yesterday, the ruined house came under enemy attack and was burnt. The raids targeted the towns of Marwahin and Aida al-Shaab, as well as a house in the town of Naqora. The bombardment reached the Marjayon plain, the suburbs of al-Qiyam and the town of Kafar Qila.


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