National News Agency – Al-Sharq: Council of Ministers withdraws banking law and supports public sector salaries

NNA – Al-Sharq daily wrote: The Council of Ministers withdrew the draft banking regulation law from circulation for further research, approving increases and financial contributions for public sector employees if each minister formally presents his alternative proposal at a later date. Including military personnel, employees and retirees. “Soldiers on active duty are given 3 additional salaries, and transport allowances of 9 million liras instead of 5.” He added: “Military and civilian retirees are paid 3 additional salaries, and executives are paid 2 additional salaries, making their total salary 9 per month.” “Daily Attendance Allowance for public administration employees is 8 to 16 cans on minimum 14 working days per month, if absent.” In further courses, “general administrative employees who ensure full monthly attendance and comply with specified productivity standards to be determined later are awarded a diligence bonus.” The Council of Ministers has approved a minimum increase of $400 and a maximum of $1,200 for public sector employees. “The increases approved by the government will start from December 1, 2023,” Al-Makhari announced. As for the issue related to the banks, it was postponed for further study, while “ministers presented further observations,” al-Mahari confirmed.


At about four o'clock the Council of Ministers met at the Grand Serail, with 27 items on its agenda. β€ŽProvision of temporary compensation to all public sector employees and retirees. The session was attended by Deputy Prime Minister His Highness Al-Shami, Ministers of Education and Higher Education, Justice Abbas Al-Halabi, Media Ziad Makari, Youth and Sports George Gallas, State Administration Development Affairs Najla Riachi, Industry George Bushkian, Economy. and Commerce Amin Salam, Communications Jani Al-Khurm, Interior and Municipalities Judge Bassam Mawlawi, Finance Youssef Khalil, Environment Nasser Yassin, Tourism Walid Nasser, Culture Judge Muhammad Wissam Mortada, Health Firaz Al-Abyad, Public Works and Transport, Ali Hamia Agriculture Abbas al-Hajj Hasan and the displaced Isam Sharaf al-Din.

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My timer:

Speaking at the beginning of the meeting, the Prime Minister said: Today, our session is being held while Israel continues its aggression against South Lebanon and other Lebanese areas. In this context, in all the diplomatic meetings we hold, we reiterate the need to work to stop the Israeli aggression against Lebanon, and communicate realistically with external efforts that I consider honest, and warn of the dangers and condemn the Israelis. Attacks on Lebanon and victims. We renew our call on the international community and the representatives of the countries we meet to put pressure on Israel to stop attacks and violations against Lebanese sovereignty, and we voice our condemnation of Israeli attacks against the international community and humanitarian agencies. Lebanon and Gaza. He added: In all the Arab and international meetings and conferences we participate in, we confirm the interest in Lebanon's role and the values ​​it represents, while we also see the interest of countries in our situation. In this context, we highly respect the French and American efforts to protect Lebanon and we trust their efforts to prevent the occupation, and we renew our demand for the implementation of Resolution 1701 in all its aspects, forcing Israel to implement it and stop its violations. Occupy. He said: In every session, we affirm the national and constitutional requirement of electing a President, which is the responsibility of all representatives and rises to the level of national duty that we all bear from his constitution. Outside of the logic of nationalism, and bidding, there is no honest Lebanese who does not want to elect a president as soon as possible.

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He added: “Every day we face legitimate challenges and demands in relation to the life demands of public sector employees, which we understand responsibly and deal with realistically.” We are concerned about the dignity and stability of every citizen, employee, retiree, every right holder and especially depositors. Stability is inseparable: constitutional stability, security stability, economic stability and social stability. Political responsibility is a national responsibility in which the views of the opposition are integrated with the capabilities of governance so that we build our capabilities to help overcome the phase of challenges and move towards an environment of stability. He said: We benefit from our national unity to face all emergencies, and we see comprehensive condemnation of Israeli attacks, and look carefully and responsibly at the demands and livelihood activities of employees and retirees of all categories and degrees. The government is working slowly to get justice for all without haste. I believe that at this delicate stage in the nation's life, legitimate movements are far from any political investment. During the session, we will discuss the proposals we have reached to reach an agreement on a solution that integrates many of the needs with the capabilities in the Treasury. He concluded: Caring for the Lebanese generations, old and young, meeting them with their expectations, encouraging them to take the initiative and express their opinion, we respect their role and future.

Before the session:

Essam Sharaf El-Din, Minister of Displaced Persons Welfare, said before the session: “I have registered a written objection to the draft banking regulation law, and it looks like the law will be withdrawn for further scrutiny.” My opinion and also that of the Economic Minister. For his part, Industry Minister George Pushkian said: “It is possible to withdraw the draft banking regulation law and we promise to do everything we can to do justice to the retired military personnel.” On this occasion, Minister of Economy Amin Salam said: I support the increase of 8 million in cash and 8 million through credit cards to military retirees. For his part, Environment Minister Nasser Yassin confirmed that the direction in today's session is to review the law for refund of depositors, noting that some things need to be amended. He added: “The basis is to protect the rights of the people, but we must be realistic and there must be consultation between the government, the Bank of Lebanon, banks and depositors.” In turn, Information Minister Ziad al-Makhari said: “The submissions must be approved in today's session.”

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Retired soldiers

Retired soldiers held banners demanding justice on Bank Street in Beirut before the start of the cabinet meeting.


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