Microsoft is developing its own DLSS-like Windows 11 upgrade tool

Microsoft is working on an artificial intelligence enhancement feature for computer games like DLSS, a feature that works with artificial intelligence in games to improve image quality and improve performance. detail,” according to Devarj.

It's very similar to Nvidia's Deep Learning Supersampling (DLSS) technology, which uses AI to optimize games and improve frame rates and image quality, and AMD and Intel offer their own versions, with both FSR and XeSS gaining popularity recently. PC Game Releases.

Not declared Microsoft This new ultra-resolution feature hasn't been officially announced, so it's unclear how it will work, or if it requires any specific hardware. Nvidia's DLSS boosts tensor cores shipped in its RTX lineup, while powering everything from AMD's. FSR and Intel's XeSS are their GPU hardware.

Microsoft is also working to improve Windows 11's color management feature, which will be more useful for the latest OLED displays that use HDR technology.

Because Windows lacked a good operating system-level color management system for years, PC gamers had to add custom color profiles to a dialog box like the one shipped in Windows 95.

With the upcoming changes, color management will be integrated into Windows 11's core display settings, allowing PC users to set color profiles for sRGB and DCI-P3. There is also a new feature that automatically controls these different color profiles.

“Automatic color management ensures that your apps and other content have accurate colors on this screen,” says Microsoft about this color management feature.

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