Message from Palestinian national team players at Asia Cup: We love life, we stand firm in our land and sport

Doha- “We are here to send a message… we exist, the Palestinian people are committed to their land and will remain there… we love life and will live,” said Palestinian national team player Muhammad Saleh. The World Cup resonated in the mixed zone of the “Education City” stadium, which hosted the “Fedein” clash. Against Iran in the third group, “Lions of Persia” won 4-1.

In light of the more than 100 days of Israeli occupation of Gaza, in a tone typical of the Palestinian character of hope and love for life, the Malaysian Sabah Club custodian expressed his condolences to “our beloved territory, our martyrs, our loved ones, our friends and our children in the Gaza Strip.

The former player for Al-Masry and Al-Qanat continued in his interview with Al-Jazeera Net, “This is the message we want to convey to everyone through football. We know the magnitude of the message. We will prove it in the next two matches.

Muhammad Saleh, 30, assured Palestinian and Arab fans of positive results: “God willing, we will win and qualify.”

Mohamed Saleh was one of the players we met on the corridor for players inside the mixed zone. We also spoke to the leader of the “fedayeen”, Musab al-Battat, and two of his colleagues, Yasser Hamad and Alaa el-Din Hassan. Their brief statements include humanitarian messages about the situation in Gaza and Palestine, as well as thanks and appreciation to Arab fans from various nationalities who support the Palestinian national team on the field and behind the scenes.

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In the same context, Yasser Hamad spoke very briefly about the difficult situation in Gaza and Palestine, “Certainly the situation in Palestine is not good. My family lives there. I hope the occupation will stop soon, and there will be security peace… People should continue to support Palestine.

The current Indian North East United club defender appreciated everyone who came to the Education City Stadium to support the Palestinian team, calling on everyone to continue their support and encouragement until the last match in the group stage.

Apologies and thanks

In turn, Palestinian national team captain Musab Al-Battat – during his conversation with Al Jazeera Net – apologized to the “Fedein” fans and the fans in the stadium – as well – after the defeat, and continued, “A better performance and result from us than what we achieved against Iran.” The fans were expecting…we hoped to make them happy.

Mussab thanked the Arab fans who came to the Education City stadium to support the Palestinian team in the first match, and the defender of the Palestinian Shabaab Al-Tahiri club said, “My thanks to the great fans who came to support the Palestinian people, because it is an honorable and customary act of fans living in the state of Qatar and its land. Stable.

Despite the loss to an Iranian team that featured legendary players and considered the main contenders for the title, Musab was looking forward to Palestine's third participation in the continental championship with high hopes.

He points out, “There were mistakes and negatives facing Iran, from which we must draw lessons, but in turn we must benefit from the positive points and build on them in the future.”

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“Al-Fedai”'s chances seem good in this third group as it will meet its Emirati opposition in the All Arab Clash next Thursday and then face Hong Kong on the 23rd of this month.

Optimizing that the team will look good in the next two matches against Emirates and Hong Kong, he said, “God willing, victory will be our partner. All the players are responsible and they have the desire and passion to please the fans. .”

For his part, Aladdin Hassan pointed out that the Palestinian team always strives for the best and that he and his teammates are determined to spare no effort on the field to please the “Fedayeen” fans by achieving victories against the Emirates and Hong Kong. Kong.

The Palestine team coached by Tunisian Makram Daboub will be looking forward to their first win at the Asian Cup and instilling a sense of pride in the hearts of the citizens of the war-torn Gaza Strip.

For the first time in the tournament in Australia in 2015, and then in the Emirates 2019, “Al-Fedai” lost 6 matches, giving up 14 goals, and striker Tamer Siam scored the second goal yesterday against Iran for Palestine. In the Continental Championship.

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