Massa is suing Formula 1, the Automobile Federation and Ecclestone at the High Court in London.

Lawyers for former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa said he was suing the sport's governing body, Bernie Ecclestone, the former owner of Formula 1's commercial rights, and the International Automobile Federation over the 2008 world championship.

According to Reuters, the Vieira Rezende Adfogados law office in Brazil said in a statement that “proceedings have been initiated at the Supreme Court in London.”

Formula 1 management and the Paris-based International Automobile Federation did not comment on the move when contacted by Reuters.

Reuters was unable to find a record of Massa's filing in the High Court's electronic records system in London.

Massa, 42, is demanding a report that the International Automobile Federation breached its own rules and that the championship could have been won if the confederation had promptly investigated the crash at the Singapore Grand Prix, which later became one of the sport's biggest scandals. .

Seven-time world champion Briton Lewis Hamilton, in his second season with McLaren, won the title for the first time.

Massa also wants compensation for “significant financial losses” as a result of what his lawyers described as a failure by the International Automobile Federation, with the complicity of Ecclestone and Formula 1 management.

A statement from prosecutors cited Ecclestone as saying there was “insufficient information at the time to investigate the matter” and canceled the race in 2008.

The 93-year-old Briton was quoted as saying that had the Singapore race been called off, “Masa would have been world champion” and “lost the title he deserved to the Brazilian”.

For his part, Ecclestone told Reuters last August that he “doesn't remember saying the quotes that were attributed to him”.

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Efforts to resolve the matter amicably have not been successful so far and the law firm said it has no option but to file a case before the court. “Recent events highlight the continuing problems with transparency and integrity in Formula 1, and it is clear that serious work is needed to restore its credibility and secure its long-term future.”

Massa, who retired in 2017, was leading the race when his compatriot Nelson Piquet's car crashed into the track fence on lap 14 of the 61-lap race.

The safety car intervened, which benefited Spaniard Fernando Alonso of Piquet's Renault team who won the race. Massa failed to win any points after failing in pit lane. In 2009, Piquet revealed that he had been instructed by Renault officials to cause an accident and was subsequently suspended.

Hamilton overtook Massa on the final lap of that season's final race in Brazil in 2008 by one point.

Massa did not win again after 2008, as the Brazilian suffered a serious head injury that led to his death at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix, and he retired in 2017.

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