Long-awaited revolutionary device 'Ai Pin' launch delayed till April… Will it replace the phone?

Human postponed the launch of its AI bin product from March to mid-April. If Human adheres to this deadline, priority customers will begin receiving the product in mid-April. Meanwhile, the rest of the pre-orders should arrive “soon.”

Human received a lot of tech hype long before its first product was announced, thanks to its founders' time at Apple and some obscure pre-launch videos.

“Ai Pin” was unveiled at an event held in San Francisco in early November. The device is the first notable example of a growing trend in the world of consumer devices, as many startups aim to tap into the exciting world of artificial intelligence.

What is special about “AI Pin”?

When the 2023 was announced in November, a demo video clip showed Apple co-founders Imran Chaudhary and Bethany Bongiorno demonstrating some of the device's features and specifications. Another video clip showed people using it in everyday situations like walking. On the street and shop and eat.

In detail, the “AI pin” enables many things a phone can do: take photos, tell you information, set calendar appointments, track calories, shop or play your favorite playlists.

The device is designed to be magnetically attached to clothing and can then be tapped to speak to an intelligent assistant powered by technologies from OpenAI, the developer of the ChatGPT robot, and cloud computing power from Microsoft.

The device has a microphone and speaker to talk to, but no specific word to speak to it to get a response, such as: “Hey Siri.” When you press the button, you can talk to the device and the speaker will receive a response.

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Due to its support with artificial intelligence techniques, one of the most important factors that attract the new device is – for example – the possibility of checking messages. “What restaurant did Amy tell me about?” If asked. He can help.

The Ai Pin is currently available for pre-order for $699, and those who do so before March 31 will receive three months free of the device's $24 per month subscription service.

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