Lebanon's weather tomorrow will be cloudy to partly cloudy with additional drops and…

The Meteorological Department has forecast cloudy to partly cloudy weather tomorrow on Saturday, with additional and significant drop in temperatures, fog forming as they fall to within 5 degrees below their seasonal average along the coast. Occasional heavy rains in hilly areas.Lightning, thunder and gusty winds in the morning, snow falls at altitudes of 1,000 meters and above, especially in the northern hilly areas, the intensity of the rain decreases. As of noon, wide gaps are forming.Ice is forming at 1,100 meters on mountain and internal roads, so we warn of the risk of slides.

The press release stated:

General situation:

A very effective low pressure area with polar and cold air is affecting Lebanon and the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea starting Friday morning, turning into a storm called “Daniella” by the weather service, which leads to severe and sometimes violent. Rain, strong winds and a significant drop in temperature, which then subsides. Snowfall levels are expected to reach 1,000 meters in the northern highlands on Saturday morning, with ice forming on mountain and internal roads, and activity is expected to resume on Monday morning.

Warning: Do not travel on mountain roads above 1,200 meters starting Friday evening as the intensity of the impact of snowstorm “Daniela” and increased wind speed will blow billboards and solar panels.

Note: Average temperatures for January in Beirut range from 11 to 19 degrees, Tripoli from 9 to 17 degrees, and Jahle from 3 to 13 degrees.

Expected Weather in Lebanon:

Friday: Cloudy with low temperatures and dense fog in the mountains, with poor visibility at times. Sometimes there will be heavy and violent rains, thunderstorms with hail, and strong winds of 85 km/h in the north of the country, sea waves will rise up to 3 meters and form. Roads will be flooded and mudslides starting in the afternoon, with low temperatures, but useful accumulations. Without.

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Saturday: Cloudy to partly cloudy with an additional and significant drop in temperatures that will be around 5 degrees below their seasonal average along the coast. Fog develops over hilly areas and lightening, thunder and flurry at times with heavy rain in the morning. Windy, snow falls at altitudes of 1000 meters and above. Higher up, especially in the northern highlands, the intensity of the rain will ease by midday and wide gaps will occur. In the evening, ice will form on mountain and interior roads. It starts from a height of 1,100 meters, so we warn you about the danger of slides.

Sunday: Partly cloudy to cloudy at times with a slight rise in temperature and snow in the mountains. Scattered and incessant rain from noon, intensifying in the evening, with the possibility of lightning and thunderstorms, snow falling at altitudes of 1,300 meters and above, and risk of snow in the early morning and night hours on mountain and internal roads above 1,100 meters.

Monday: Partly cloudy due to decrease in temperature, fog in hilly areas and early morning snow on mountain and internal roads. At times, especially in northern and southern areas, occasional rain and snowfall at altitudes of 1,300 meters and above. Gradually becoming cloudy and intensifying at night. Thunderstorms. , heavy rain with thunder and strong winds.

Expected temperatures will be 11 to 14 degrees on the coast, 2 to 6 degrees in the mountains and 3 to 6 degrees in the interior.

Surface wind: active in the south-west direction, with a speed of 25 to 65 km/h, sometimes intensifying to 85 km/h, especially in the north of the country.

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Visibility: Poor due to dense fog and heavy rain in mountainous areas.

Humidity at the beach: 70 to 90%

Sea condition: Waves to rough. Water surface temperature: 20 degrees Celsius.

Atmospheric pressure: 761 mm Hg

Source: National News Agency

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