Juice reduces the load on the digestive system and helps in weight loss

Berlin – Juice diets have become very popular recently. Niklas Schwarz, a lecturer at the German University of Prevention and Health Management, explained that the juice diet consists of consuming only vegetable and fruit juices, water, tea and vegetable soup, and a complete supply of solid foods for more than a week.

A person consumes about 6 servings of vegetable and fruit juices a day, with each serving ranging from 250 to 500 milliliters, so the total volume is about a liter to a liter and a half, Schwarz said.

It is important to distribute portions throughout the day rather than eating all at once, otherwise blood sugar levels will rise sharply and then quickly fall again, leading to a decrease in energy instead of an increase.

Schwarz pointed out that vegetable and fruit juices provide the body with vitamins, minerals, secondary plant substances and dietary fiber, a juice diet followed for a week helps to lose weight in a ratio of one to one and the body loses half a kilogram, and even 3 to 5 kilograms, it is pure. Not fat, but a large percentage of water.

This diet helps reduce the burden on the digestive system, which helps your body feel better.

A single side dish

For her part, German nutritionist Anthea Gall explained that juicing is a side dish. Lack of proteins and essential fatty acids.

Therefore, people suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, liver, kidney and thyroid diseases should consult a doctor before following this diet.

It also applies to cancer patients, pregnant and lactating women, the elderly and children.

Many people who suffer from excess body weight want to get rid of accumulated fat quickly, which prompts them to look for ways to help them achieve that goal in a short period of time, and juice diet is very important among them.

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To avoid high blood sugar levels, nutritionists advise not to drink large amounts of juice during the day and not to add sugar to juices.

After stopping the juice diet, be careful to eat a healthy diet to avoid weight gain again.

In addition to the juice diet, it is important to practice sports that help you lose weight quickly.

A juice diet is a diet where you completely avoid solid foods for periods of between 3, 5 and 7 days and replace them with natural juices made using fresh vegetables and fruits throughout that period.

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