Italy welcomes Hamilton's move to Ferrari |

Rome – Italian media have welcomed seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton's move to Ferrari from German Mercedes starting in 2025. The Italian press was thrilled to see Janik Sinner crown the first of four tennis majors at the Australian Open by defeating Russian Daniil Medvedev on January 28, with the Corriere della Sera newspaper reporting the move as a “universal triumph”.

French former Ferrari driver Jean Alesi wrote, “The team that made history in car racing unites with a great champion…I expect an intense race, race after race, that will attract interest from around the world.” Gazzetta Dello Sport, the most widely distributed local sports newspaper, devoted nine pages to Hamilton and Ferrari in its Friday issue, a major step forward for the newspaper, in which football is prominent.

But Sunday's big clash between leaders Inter and runners-up Juventus in the twenty-third round of the league could not remove Hamilton from the cover as the newspaper famous for its pink color welcomed the seven-winner. titles, the last of which was in 2020.

Ferrari's move is a “gamble” as the Italian team, who have not won a Formula One driver's title since 2007, must provide the best car for Hamilton to make history.

La Gazzetta deemed the move by Ferrari, which has not won a Formula One drivers' title since Finland's Kimi Raikkonen in 2007 and a constructors' title since 2008, a “gamble”. To make history.”

Hamilton will be looking to win his eighth title and surpass German icon Michael Schumacher, who won five of his seven titles from 2000 to 2004 in Ferrari colours. Gazzetta dello Sport highlighted how signing Hamilton could create problems with Monaco's Charles Leclerc, who has signed a long-term deal with the Scuderia.

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“La Stampa”, a newspaper from Turin, deemed Hamilton “born to change history”, with some followers fearing the British driver had advanced in age. The newspaper spoke with Riccardo Ceccarelli, the founder of “Formula Medicine” (“Formula Medicine”), which specializes in sports training methods, especially for drivers participating in speed races and working with Leclerc.

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