Israeli media: 3 ministers from Gantz's party boycott today's government session News

Three ministers from Benny Gantz's State Camp party will not attend Sunday's government session, the Israeli Walla website said, because of what they described as an attack on the chief of staff.

Israeli Channel 12 quoted former Israeli Vice President Yair Golan as calling for the resignation of Benny Gantz from the Israeli government.

In a letter published by Israeli media, 169 former Israeli army commanders expressed their support for Commander-in-Chief Herzei Halevi in ​​the face of attacks by some ministers against him after an investigation into the October 7 attack began.

Dissent is growing in Israel over Halevy's decision to set up a security commission to investigate failures in the security, military and intelligence aspects of the October 7 events.

In addition to Ze'evi Farkash, the former head of the military intelligence service, the investigation team will be headed by a number of former security officials, including Defense Minister and former Army Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz. and former commander of the Army's Southern Command Sami Turkeman.

Israeli media reported that the probes include the conduct of military operations during the war on Gaza.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the state watchdog told the Israeli defense minister in a letter that he was obligated to conduct a comprehensive investigation to verify all government, military and civilian levels before and after the October 7 attacks. He intends to conduct a comprehensive review of several aspects of the war in Gaza during the war.

The letter – according to Haaretz – stated that the state comptroller's office had finished preparing an expanded plan to review the war, instructed staff to begin implementing it, and that a pre-house review would begin in the coming days. .

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Sharp differences of opinion

Earlier, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation quoted senior Israeli government ministers as saying that the war cabinet would not last long, and on October 7 there was an attempt to hold the security establishment responsible for the failure.

The commission cited Israeli ministers as saying the attack on the commander-in-chief was planned with the coordination of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid criticized the cabinet meeting, describing it as a new, unprecedented collapse, saying ministers were trying to insult Commander-in-Chief Herzei Halevy and that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had done nothing, saying it was a government not a “national disaster.”

Lapid said Israel has a powerful army and a weak, pathetic government, amid conflict among members of the mini-ministerial council over the creation of a commission to investigate the October 7 attack.

Labit added that National Defense Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, who supports terrorism and does not serve in the military, attacks Shaul Mofas, “a worthy leader and hero of Israel.”

In turn, Israeli War Council member Benny Gantz said the attack on the chiefs of staff in the cabinet was politically motivated and the prime minister had to choose between unity and security or politics.

For its part, the Likud party said it expected Kantz to stop looking for excuses to break his promise not to leave the emergency government until the end of the war.

Israeli Army Radio also quoted Minister Itamar Ben Ghir as saying, “Even in the cabinet, Gantz continues on the path to defeat.”

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