Israeli bombing of towns in southern Lebanon… and targets a force near Hezbollah's Raheb base

Early today (Tuesday), the Israeli army fired heavy weapons and bombarded the outskirts of the city and the forests of Jabal al-Alam from positions adjacent to the Lebanese city of Naqora, Jabal al-Labuneh and Jabal al-Alam. -Labouneh, according to the Central News Agency.

Throughout the night, the Israeli army fired flares at border villages along the Blue Line, while reconnaissance planes continued to fly over villages in the districts of Tire and Bind Jabeil in southern Lebanon.

For its part, Hizbollah announced today that it had directly hit an Israeli military base near the Rahab base with artillery shells.

Israeli warplanes raided al-Sultaniyah and Siddiq towns during the night, causing several minor injuries among residents near the targeted areas, who were taken to hospitals for treatment, and heavy damage to cars and property.

Israeli army artillery shelled the towns of Tayr Harfa, Shihin, al-Dahira and Aida al-Shaab for more than half an hour.

In addition to bombing several solar panels that provide electricity to artesian wells in the villages, the Israeli army targeted rooftop water tanks in the towns of Ramya and Rimish yesterday. , took place in Tair Harfa.

Security tensions and firefights have raged between the Israeli army and Hezbollah since October 8, after Israel declared war on Gaza in the border areas in southern Lebanon.

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