Israel targets Hezbollah in Baalbek for fourth time

Israel established new rules of engagement with Hezbollah, adding the Baalbek region in eastern Lebanon to its list of targets, and turning it into a staging ground in response to Hezbollah's use of suicide drones against Israeli military targets amid renewed expansion in the south. Lebanon region, and the first time since the start of the war that an Israeli has targeted a car in Al-Suwayri area in western Bekaa.

For the fourth time in a month, Israeli airstrikes near Baalbek in eastern Lebanon left three people wounded on Saturday night. The Israeli military said: “Earlier tonight, warplanes raided a workshop containing military equipment belonging to the terrorist Hezbollah in the Baalbek area.”

Israeli aircraft fired five missiles at a two-story residential building in the town of Al-Azira, outside Baalbek. Agence France-Presse reported that the attacks targeted the long-abandoned Hezbollah center and wounded three residents of nearby buildings.

For his part, the governor of Baalbek-Hermal region, Bashir Kadar, said on platform “X” that “there is preliminary information about 3 injured people.”

Less than an hour after the attack, “Hezbollah announces at dawn that it retaliated to the bombing of Baalbek, targeting the missile and artillery base in Yova (headquarters of the Air and Missile Defense Command) and the missile and artillery base in Yowa (headquarters of the Air and Missile Defense Command). With more than sixty people from the Gaza Strip. After returning Golani brigade engaged in training.” Katyusha Missile,” the statement issued by the party said.

The Israeli military said it detected “about 50 rockets” fired from Lebanon “toward northern Israel,” noting that it “intercepted several of them.” “IDF aircraft struck sites used to launch some of these missiles,” the Israeli military added. Israel reported no injuries or damage.

The fourth Israeli targeting of Baalbek appeared to be related to new rules of engagement imposed by Israel on Hezbollah every time the party used suicide drones directed at Israel or used air defense systems against Israeli drones.

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The bombing occurred early Sunday, hours after Hezbollah announced it had targeted two air defense systems belonging to the Israeli military. He said in a statement Saturday afternoon that the Iron Dome sites in Kfar Blum, located in the Upper Galilee, about 10 kilometers from the Lebanese border, were targeted “with two drones.” The Israeli media did not hide the connection between the strike and the use of drones targeting the Iron Dome.

According to Israel, the circumstances of the bombing are repeated. For the first time, on February 25, Israel launched its strikes in the Bekaa surrounding Baalbek, and said it was in retaliation for Hezbollah using an air defense system to shoot down an Israeli Hermes 450 drone. The bombing came two weeks later, on March 12, hours after the party targeted artillery positions in Arar with offensive marches. It also announced targeting military targets in the Golan along with suicide bombings. The Israeli military said at the time that it targeted “two bases” belonging to the “Hezbollah Air Force,” “in response to (Hezbollah's) airstrikes toward the Golan in recent days.” He repeated the bombing 13 times in response to Hezbollah firing 100 missiles at the Golan.

Bombing on Syrian border

For weeks, Israel has carried out airstrikes deep into Lebanese territory against Hezbollah positions, and on Sunday, for the first time, the raids reached the al-Suwayri area near the al-Masna border crossing between Lebanon and Syria. Israeli warplanes targeted a car on the road leading to Al-Suwayri city. The incident occurred in West Bekaa, resulting in the death of a Syrian inside as a result of his injuries. Targeted by a drone.

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Mahmoud Rahb, a Syrian national wounded in the attack, died of his injuries, the official National News Agency reported. He said the targeted car had food items and belonged to a member of the Samili family, which owns a supermarket in the industrial area.

Smoke rises from a car targeted by Israeli forces in Al-Suwayri (field activists)

Renewed extension to the south

The attacks in Bekaa came after about 12 days of calm, in which no Hezbollah members were killed. Instead, a member of the Amal Movement was killed last Wednesday. The escalation was renewed on Sunday, following airstrikes that led to the destruction of homes in Al-Atisa and Al-Taybeh, and two more attacks that reported casualties, the day after Israel targeted the headquarters of the Civil Defense of the Islamic Message. Scouts in the town of Aita Al-Shaab, leading to its total destruction, the same A large part was damaged in time, with surrounding houses and cracks from the test

Hezbollah announced that it had targeted the Jal al-Alam base with artillery shells and directly hit it.

Intensive flights of Israeli warplanes were recorded along the border line with Lebanon, while Israeli reconnaissance planes flew over villages in the western and central sectors throughout the night of Saturday and Sunday and reached the suburbs of the Tire region and the sea coast. The Israeli army also opened fire on border villages along the Blue Line.

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