Israel Drops Phosphorus Bombs In South Lebanon, Hezbollah Targets Golani Forces News

Today, Monday, Israeli artillery shelled the southern Lebanese towns of Houla and Markab, as its warplanes flew intense, low-altitude flights over the border, while Hezbollah announced it had detonated an explosive device. An Israeli force from the Golani Brigade tried to infiltrate into Lebanese territory.

The official Lebanese News Agency said phosphorus and smoke bombings also included the eastern part of the towns of Hula and Markaba, which overlook the Hunin Valley and the Margaliot colony.

He said Israeli warplanes flew heavily at low altitudes along the border in the south, and intensive reconnaissance flights flew along the southern coast between Tire and al-Qulaila beaches as far as Naqora.

It also reported that Israeli forces bombarded Bir al-Musalbiat area at the northern entrance of Hula city in Marjayon district in southern Lebanon with phosphorus bombs.

Israeli artillery also targeted the suburbs of the towns of Naqora, Tahira and Marwahin, while occupation aircraft struck the town of Qaled Warda, near the town of Aida al-Shab, which was the subject of several raids, the agency said. .

For his part, Al Jazeera's correspondent reported that the occupying forces' artillery bombarded the southern Lebanese towns of Markaba and Rab Tilain.

The occupation army announced in a statement last night that it had tracked rocket launches from Lebanon towards northern Israel's areas of Metulla, Qajar and al-Malikiyya, and had carried out strikes targeting a military compound and Hezbollah infrastructure. Aida al-Shab and Kafar Qila, South Lebanon.

Kolani Brigade

In turn, Hezbollah announced that it had bombarded an Israeli force from the Golani Brigade early today, attempting to infiltrate into Lebanese territory from Khirbet Jarit, opposite the city of Ramiya, before being targeted with artillery shells.

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Hezbollah targeted the Zarid barracks and its surroundings with artillery. Yesterday, Hezbollah announced 7 attacks against Israeli positions along Lebanon's southern border and the occupied Kafr Shuba mountains.

Earlier today, Israeli Megan David Adom (ambulance service) reported that one person was killed and seven others were injured when an anti-tank missile fired from Lebanon hit the Margaliot settlement in northern Israel.

Limited War

At the political level, Amos Hochstein, a senior adviser to the US president, said today that in the event of a “limited war” breaking out on Lebanon's southern border; They may not be “containable”.

Hochstein arrived in Beirut today on a day trip where he will meet with several Lebanese officials to discuss possible ways to calm the situation in the south of the country.

In addition to Foreign Minister Abdullah Bouhabib and Army Chief Joseph Aoun, Hochstein is scheduled to meet Interim Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

It was Hochstein's third visit to Lebanon since clashes broke out between Hezbollah and the Israeli army on October 8.

Hezbollah has been exchanging gunfire with Israel for months, paralleling Israel's occupation of the Gaza Strip. It represents the worst fighting on Lebanon's southern border since the 2006 war, raising fears of a major conflict.

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