Introducing new features for Telegram Groups. Get to know them

Instant messaging platform Telegram has introduced several new features to improve the user experience in groups on the platform.

One of the most important new features added to Groups is the ability to publish stories and allow group members to interact with them through replies and emojis.

Groups on the platform can now raise their levels after receiving “boosts” from premium users to access additional benefits. For example, a group needs to reach Level 1 to post one message per day on the app.

Note that users with “Telegram Premium” subscription get 4 reinforcements that can be gifted to any group or channel, and users get 3 reinforcements every time they gift the subscription to someone else.

Enhanced groups can get new customization options, such as changing the color of the group file and logo, setting the status icon, and choosing the background that appears to all members when opening the group.

Telegram said on its official website that groups with higher levels can benefit from some other benefits, such as admins choosing a custom emoji set, even if not a premium subscription that all members can use in the group. Convert audio and video messages to text.

The platform said that it has tried to add 5 more features with the new update, but has not received approval from the application store managers, without specifying other details.

Telegram seeks to encourage users to purchase premium subscriptions to get more benefits than regular subscriptions, and the site makes them available at an average price of $5 per month.

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