Intense Israeli attacks in southern Lebanon (local official and security source)

BEIRUT (AFP) – On Tuesday, Israel carried out heavy raids in a valley in southern Lebanon, which a local security official and source said was the “most violent” single target since the intensification with Hezbollah began across the border. Due to the impact of the war in Gaza.

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A security source in Lebanon, who accompanied the expansion in the south, told Agence France-Presse, “Israeli forces targeted Wadi Saluki with more than 14 strikes.”

He explained that the pace of bombing in the Gaza Strip had been “intense” since clashes between Hezbollah and Israel began on Oct. 8, the day after fighting broke out between the Hebrew government and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military, for its part, announced that it had bombarded “several terror targets” in Wadi Saluki with air and artillery.

He explained in a statement that he carried out “combined air and artillery strikes” that hit “within a short period of time (…) dozens of military buildings and military infrastructure” belonging to Hezbollah.

The Israeli military accused Hezbollah of using the valley for “terrorist purposes” and that it had installed dozens of mechanisms and infrastructure to “target Israeli civilians and soldiers.”

During Israel's occupation of Lebanon, which lasted 22 years until its withdrawal in 2000, Wadi Saluki, along with smaller neighboring valleys, formed an area of ​​operations for party fighters against Israeli military bases.

In a series of statements on Tuesday, Hezbollah announced that it had targeted Israeli soldiers and gatherings of military bases.

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Shakib Qudaish, the mayor of Houla, adjacent to Wadi Saluki, confirmed that the airstrikes were accompanied by heavy artillery fire.

He reported other raids targeting homes in the city, but no casualties.

The official national news agency reported the Israeli bombing, which affected several cities in the south of the country.

Since the outbreak of war in Gaza, the Lebanon-Israeli border has been bombarded daily. Hezbollah announces that it is targeting Israeli military bases and points in support of Gaza and “in support of its resistance,” while the Israeli military is retaliating with aerial and artillery bombardment. .

Since the escalation began on both sides of the border, 193 people have been killed in Lebanon, including 141 Hezbollah members and more than two dozen civilians, including three journalists, according to a count compiled by Agence France-Presse.

In Israel, the military counted nine soldiers and six civilian deaths.


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