Injury ended the career of Lebanese defender Noor Mansour in the finals

DOHA (AFP) – The career of Lebanon national football team center back Noor Mansour in the Asian Cup finals in Qatar came to an end when he suffered an injury during Wednesday's (0-0) second round draw with China. Group competitions.

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Mansur, who was picked to start by Montenegro coach Miodrak Radulovic against Qatar and China respectively, picked up the injury in the first quarter of an hour of the second match before being forced to give up his place to teammate Alex Melki in the 18th minute. .

The third most-capped player in internationals (67) behind Hasan Matthook and Mohamed Haider, he was carefully examined the day after the match, where team therapist Eli Matney said he had “suffered a second-degree tear”. A torn ligament in his left hamstring is expected to keep him out for 6 days.” Up to 8 weeks.

Thus, the curse of injuries cost Lebanon an additional key player, before the Asian Cup, it lost the efforts of strikers Karim Darwish and Zain Faran to two knee injuries, and then Felix Melki was forced to withdraw due to a muscle strain. Injured, Jihad Ayub is training alone but still unable to perform well and participates in competitions for the same reason.

On the other hand, left-back Nasser Nasser, who missed the last game against China as a precaution due to discomfort in his left thigh, has been assured by the team's medical staff that he will be ready to play against Tajikistan next Monday in the final third round. Midfielder Walid Shore, who started as a starter, also played in the last minutes of the second leg in the first match.

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Lebanon finished last in the group with one point on goal difference, behind third-placed Tajikistan and a point behind second-placed China, while hosts Qatar led the way with six points and qualified first for the eighth final.

The winner and runner-up of the six groups qualify for the second round, apart from the four best third-place finishers.

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