In his State of the Union address, Biden attacked Trump and Putin for ending the war on Gaza

The upcoming presidential elections dominated US President Joe Biden's annual State of the Union address on Friday morning, in which he touched on many topics, notably the Israeli war in the Gaza Strip, the Russian-Ukrainian war and domestic issues related to immigration and the US economy.

Attack on Trump

Speaking before a joint session of the House of Representatives and Senate, Biden began his speech by directly criticizing former President Donald Trump, who is on the brink of securing the Republican nomination for president. His rival.

The US president has accused his predecessor Trump of pandering to Russia, failing to tackle the coronavirus pandemic during his administration and covering up the attack on the US Congress building on January 6, 2021.

He also criticized Trump's comments that Russian President Vladimir Putin should invade if other NATO countries don't spend more money to improve their defense capabilities.

“Now my predecessor, the former Republican president, is saying to Putin: 'Do whatever you want.' And I think it's outrageous, dangerous and unacceptable,” Biden said.

Biden compared his stance to Trump's on several domestic US issues, including democracy, abortion rights and the economy, and accused Trump and Republicans of trying to change the narrative surrounding the riots targeting the Congressional building to protest the results. In the 2020 presidential elections, Biden won against Trump.

Criticizing US President Trump's policies and his anti-immigrant rhetoric, he said, “I will not demonize immigrants.” He also criticized Trump's accusations that immigrants are poisoning the atmosphere in America. .

Biden (R) launched a scathing attack on Trump, who he may face in the presidential election (Associated Press)

“I will not bow to Putin”

Biden sent a message to the Russian president, insisting the US would not abandon its ally Ukraine, and saying “Putin is invading Ukraine and sowing chaos in Europe and beyond.”

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He continued, “If there's anyone in this room who believes Putin will stop in Ukraine, I assure you he won't.”

“My message to President Putin, whom I have known for a long time, is that we will not back down,” the US president said, adding, “I will not bow down, history is recorded.”

In his annual address followed by millions of Americans, Biden urged Congress to approve aid to Ukraine to counter Putin's ambitions and accused Trump of pandering to the Russian president.

Demonstrators blocked Biden's path to Congress to protest the war on Gaza (Anatolia).

A ship off the coast of Gaza

During his speech, Biden touched on the Israeli war on Gaza, particularly the humanitarian situation, and said he was working to reach a 6-week ceasefire in Gaza.

Biden described what was happening in Gaza, and stressed the number of more than 30,000 Palestinians, most of whom did not belong to the Hamas movement, including thousands of innocent women and children, killed in Gaza during the war. The number of dead in the current war on the Strip is greater than all those killed on it during the wars.

Biden sent a sharp message to Israeli leaders, asking them not to withhold humanitarian aid to the Palestinians for political purposes.

He pointed out that the United States is leading international efforts to provide more humanitarian aid to the region.

Biden announced that he would lead the U.S. military on an emergency mission to establish a temporary naval base off the coast of Gaza in the Mediterranean Sea that could receive large ships carrying food, medicine, water and temporary shelter.

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He insisted there would be no US troops on the ground and said the ship would allow for a massive increase in humanitarian aid in Gaza.

Notably, Biden's motorcade was forced to take a longer route than usual on its way from the White House to the Congress building, as anti-war demonstrations on Gaza blocked its route.

Scattered protests took place across the US ahead of Biden's State of the Union address calling for a permanent ceasefire in Israel's war in the Gaza Strip, with pro-Palestinian protesters blocking the road to the Congressional building to demand a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. .

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