In his address before the Angelus, Pope Francis highlights giving and forgiveness

This Sunday afternoon, Pope Francis recited the Angelus prayer with representatives of the faithful and pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square and gave a speech before the prayer in which he highlighted the Gospel of this fifth Sunday of Lent (John 12:20-33).

Before reciting the Angelus, Pope Francis began his homily by saying, “Today, the fifth Sunday in Lent, as we approach Holy Week, Jesus tells us something important in the Gospel (see John 12:20-33). On the cross we will see His glory and the glory of the Father (see John 12, 23, 28). But how can God's glory be revealed on the cross? We might think that this will happen in the resurrection, not in the failed and failed cross! However, when Jesus speaks of his suffering, he says, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified” (John 12:23). Pope Francis further noted that the glory of God is love to the point of giving one's life, pointing out that this culminated on the cross, where Jesus fully expressed God's love, fully revealed the face of mercy, and gave us life. Forgives those who crucified him.

Pope Francis continued his homily, saying that on the cross, the Lord teaches us that true glory, never lost, is made by giving and forgiving. Giving and forgiving are the essence of God's glory, and for us they are the way of life. Giving and forgiving are very different standards from what we see around us and within ourselves, when we think that glory is something to be received rather than given; Something to keep rather than give. Earthly glory is fleeting – the Holy Father said in his speech – and does not leave joy in the heart; It does not even lead to the good of all, but instead leads to division, dissension and jealousy.

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Pope Francis continued, “We can ask ourselves: What pride do I have in my life, what do I dream for my future?” Amaze others with my intelligence, skills or possessions? Or the path of giving and forgiveness, the path of Jesus crucified, the path of one who never tires of love, the faith that bears witness to God in the world and lets the beauty of life shine? Let us remember that God's glory shines through us when we give and forgive.

Before reciting the Angelus prayer on Sunday afternoon, Pope Francis asked the Virgin Mary, who faithfully followed Jesus during his Passion, to help us be living reflections of Jesus' love.

After reciting the Angelus prayer, Pope Francis addressed his homily, expressing his condolences for the release of a teacher and four of the six monks from the Frères du Sacré Coeur Institute who were kidnapped in Haiti on the 23rd. February. In his follow-up address, he called for the release of two other monks and all abducted people who have suffered much violence in the country. Saint Baba also called upon all political and social activists to abandon all private interests and adopt a spirit of unity in the pursuit of common good by advocating a peaceful transition towards a peaceful country with the help of the international community. , solid institutions capable of restoring order and peace among its citizens.

In his address after the Angelus prayer this Sunday afternoon, Pope Francis called for continued prayers for the people affected by war in Ukraine, Palestine, Israel and Sudan. He also called for Nissan to stop the long war-torn Syria.

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