How to find lost Android phones?

Find My Device offers many useful features that make it easy to locate your lost Android smartphone and restore it to factory settings.

So, this updated application from Google, available for free on the Google Play Store, is essential for every Android smartphone user.

“Find My Device” app lets you control all your Android devices from one place. If you have more than one Android smartphone or tablet, it makes it easy to find and control your devices.

You can turn on sound on your device to know its location, your phone will ring whether it's on silent or vibrate mode, and if it's not at home, you can protect it by locking it and change it. There is also an option to create an existing access code or a new one, and send a message or number. Screen phone for those who find your device.

Another option is to get directions to your device's location using Google Maps. To do all this, use the Find My Device feature and make sure all your devices are signed in to the same Google Account. It's not limited to smartphones or tablets, but it also works on smartwatches running Google's WearOS platform.

If you don't have an extra phone, you can log into your Gmail using a friend or family member's phone or access it on a computer. To use these features, the other device needs an active internet connection, be it a mobile network or Wi-Fi network.

Tap the Get Directions button to navigate to the device's location, which will redirect you to Google Maps with the device's last known location. The app also contains the IMEI number of the device, which helps in reporting a lost smartphone to the police and also facilitates the process of getting another SIM card.

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Finally, the app allows users to factory reset the device, an important feature that ensures that no one else can access all your private files. But here it should be noted that if you factory reset a device, its location cannot be accessed through the “Find My Device” app, so I leave this option as a last resort.

If a thief disables your phone, you won't be able to track it until it's back on and has a cellular or internet connection, so Google will send you an email when it finds your device.

For an extra layer of backup, invest in Bluetooth trackers, many of which are available in stores today. Your phone should be synced with the tracker, so when your phone is misplaced, the tracker will trigger an alarm on your phone to help you locate it. It's fast.

Here is a list of several apps that will come in handy if your phone is lost or stolen abroad:

– Safe365: Free location tracking app with a combination of interesting security features. The app allows you to track the location of your family members or your friends to locate a lost device.

– Eyezy: This app offers a revolutionary way to track activity on Android devices through an advanced combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Pinpoint is a basic GPS tracking feature. The app collects data about each movement to compile it into a track record with current location and places visited. This feature includes “efencing,” which allows you to set safe and dangerous areas and know when to enter or leave.

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– Life360: A comprehensive location tracking app that helps track the location of lost phones or tablets. Thanks to the location sharing feature, it also allows you to keep in touch with your friends and family members. You can create groups, add people to them, and track their location on a private map visible only to group members.

– Family Locator: This is another great tool to track the location of your kids and family. Similar to group chat, the app comes with a set of features that allow you to track and interact with other group members. It lets you create groups, track the location of your kids and other family members on a live map, and communicate with other family members.

– iSharing Location Tracker: This app allows you to create groups, communicate with group members and track their locations in real time. It sends you notifications when a team member leaves or enters an area.

– xfi locator: This app allows you to easily locate a lost device. Also, it has an alert feature that lets you ring and vibrate a lost device like “Find My Phone”.

– Familonet: This application allows you to monitor and communicate with your children and family members.

– TrackView: A great security tracking app that helps you track and locate your lost devices. It allows you to identify and monitor your device and your home, and can send instant alerts or buzzers remotely. What makes TrackView stand out from other apps is the video surveillance feature, which lets you monitor your device's surroundings through its camera.

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