Hezbollah and the Israeli army exchange blasts… and two people are killed in Baalbek

Iranian President Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday when he received Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), and an accompanying delegation, that Tehran “will not hesitate to support Palestinian issues, the oppressed and the dissidents”. People of Gaza,” praised the exemplary determination of the Palestinian resistance forces, and so did the people of Gaza.

The official IRNA news agency quoted Khamenei as saying, “The historic patience of the people of Gaza in the face of the crimes and barbarism of the Zionist system, which is carried out with the full support of the West, is a great phenomenon. It has indeed glorified Islam and made the Palestine issue the first issue of the world under the enemy's nose.

He stressed, “The killing of the people of Gaza and the genocide in this region pains the heart of every man of conscience…and the Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate to support the Palestinian cause and the oppressed and resisting people. of Gaza.”

Part of the Assembly (EPA)

He stressed the importance of “supporting international public opinion and public opinion for the people of Gaza in the Islamic world, especially in the Arab world”: “The media and propaganda activities of the Palestinian resistance have been excellent so far and are ahead of the Zionist enemy, and more work needs to be done in this field.

He remembered Saleh al-Aruri, the head of Hamas, who was killed in an Israeli attack on his headquarters in the southern suburbs of Beirut last month. “He was a key figure,” he said.

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For his part, Haniyeh expressed his “thanks and appreciation for the people and government support provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Palestinian cause, especially to the people of Gaza.”

He explained the recent field and political developments of the war and said: “The exemplary patience and determination of the people of Gaza and the resistance forces during these six months, as a result of their firm belief, did not give way to the Zionist enemy. achieving any of its strategic goals in the Gaza war.

Haniyeh insisted that the “al-Aqsa flood” operation had shattered the myth that the Zionist organization was invincible, and today, six months later, the Zionist enemy has suffered heavy losses as thousands of soldiers of the organization have been killed and wounded.

He added: “The Gaza war is a global war, and the ruling establishment of the United States is a major accomplice in the crimes of the Zionists because it directly carries out the military direction of the Zionist establishment.”

“Despite brutal practices, crimes and genocide in Gaza, the people of Gaza and the resistance forces remain steadfast and will not allow the Zionist enemy to achieve one iota of its goals,” he said.

Welcomed by Abdullahi Haniyeh (Mehar Agency).

“The Israeli occupation has failed to achieve any of its military or strategic goals,” Haniyeh stressed. Iran's Mehr news agency quoted Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian as saying at a press conference after talks that “after the brutal prices Gaza has paid, the organization has failed to achieve any of its military or strategic goals.” “The occupation has lost its umbrella of support and is now living in unprecedented political isolation, and the United States is unable to impose its will on the international community,” Haniyeh asserted.

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He added: “We are passing through a historic phase and a fateful turning point in the context of the historic confrontation with the Zionist entity in the (al-Aqsa flood) war,” adding that the Security Council's decision to call for a ceasefire “signifies the unprecedented isolation experienced by the Israeli occupation.”

Haniyeh at a press conference after meeting Abdullahiyan (Mehar Agency).

Notably, Minister Abdullahiyan stood next to Haniyeh at the press conference that followed their conversation, but did not address the visiting guest before or after.

Haniyeh arrived in Tehran earlier, headed by a high-level delegation of the movement's leadership, to hold a series of meetings and discussions with the Iranian leadership on political and field developments related to the ongoing war in Gaza and all the variables related to Palestine. problem.

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