Hezbollah and Israel's New Actions Respond With Intense Bombing News

Lebanon's Hezbollah announced early Monday morning that it had bombed an Israeli base as part of six new cross-border operations, while areas in southern Lebanon came under intense Israeli bombardment.

The party said – in a statement – that its fighters bombarded the Israeli Kirbet Mar base yesterday evening with two Falak 1 missiles.

He added that they targeted the monk base with a “Burkhan” missile and struck near Honen barracks. They also bombarded missile sites of Israeli soldiers at Tal Shah base, Birkat Risha base and Ramim. barracks

For its part, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation said four anti-tank missiles were fired from southern Lebanon at settlements in the Upper Galilee and Shtola.

For more than 3 months, Hezbollah has engaged in daily cross-border clashes in support of Gaza, and Israel has retaliated by bombing Hezbollah bases and civilian targets, and the clashes have led to dozens of deaths on both sides.

Recently, the frequency of mutual threats has increased, with Israel threatening a large-scale military operation to remove Hezbollah fighters from the border, and the party vowing to deal a strong blow to the occupation.

Israeli Artillery Takes Part in Bombardment of South Lebanon (Reuters)

Heavy bombing

Meanwhile, yesterday, Israeli fighters carried out 10 attacks in several areas in southern Lebanon, targeting the towns of Maroun al-Ras, Jibqin, Hula, Aida al-Shab, Marwahin, Tahira, Tayr Harfa and Jabal Balad.

The towns of Markab and Houla were also hit by Israeli bombardment.

The neighborhoods of Yarin, al-Jabain, Shihin and Umm al-Tut were subjected to Israeli artillery fire.

An Israeli military spokesman said warplanes bombed two Hezbollah military bases in the southern Lebanese towns of Zabqin and Houla yesterday.

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The Israeli military released images of what it said was targeting targets in southern Lebanon aimed at eliminating what it described as a threat.

For its part, Hezbollah mourned 3 of its fighters, saying they “died heroically in southern Lebanon.”

As a result, Hezbollah's death toll has risen to 174 since October 8, when it has been shelling the southern Lebanese border with the Israeli occupation army every day.

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