Hassan Nasrallah: Fighting on Lebanon Front Won't End Before Ceasefire in Gaza

Beirut, Lebanon (CNN)Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has vowed to continue the standoff with Israeli forces along the Lebanese border until the end of the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

Nasrallah's televised speech marked the one-week anniversary of the killing of a senior Hezbollah commander in an Israeli strike in southern Lebanon.

Nasrallah said, “All progress in the region rests on stopping the aggression against Gaza,” stressing: “Lebanon has been supporting and helping Gaza, and its goal is to stop the aggression against Gaza. Let the aggression against Gaza stop, and after that, for Lebanon, every recent incident.”

The head of Iran-backed Hezbollah criticized Washington for US and British strikes in Yemen this week aimed at halting Houthi attacks on key commercial shipping lanes in the Red Sea. Nasrallah, a key Houthi ally, said the attacks would turn the Red Sea into a “battlefield”.

“(US) intimidation and threats will not deter us,” Nasrallah said, referring to a network of Iranian-backed armed groups spread across Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Nasrallah said that Israel was drowning in defeat as the assault on Gaza reached its 100th day on Sunday. Hezbollah's secretary general added: “Israel has neither achieved its declared goals nor its undeclared goals.”

Commenting on recent threats by the Israeli War Council to expand the war into Lebanon, Nasrallah struck a defiant tone. Hezbollah's Secretary General said: “The people who should be afraid of war are the Israelis … We will not be idle when Israel attacks Lebanon. For 99 days we are ready for war, not afraid of it, and we will fight it without ceiling, without restrictions, without borders.

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